"Your business is our business” Katrina Leary Mann

Perquimans County Chamber takes business very seriously with our new upgraded benefits package for active membership 2020. We are working hard to help our business grow and have better resources.

Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you're identified as a member of the chamber of commerce. Increase your visibility in the community. ... You also can grow your business by advertising with the chamber and sponsoring events.

Looking to enhance your relationship with the Perquimans County Chamber of Commerce. We have sponsor packages to add to your existing Active Membership. New look new us!! We have revamped our platform. Upgraded services we offer on top of your upgraded Active member benefits.

Please review Your  Upgraded Active Member Benefits  and let us know if you need any assistance with utilizing your benefits. First two pages is your active member benefits.

We have additional sponsor package to add more value to your Active Member Benefits:

·            Resourceful Sponsor Package $500
·            Innovative Sponsor Package $1500
·            Enterprising Sponsor Package $3000

Have any questions or concerns just send email, text, call or fb message. We will help you out.

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What is a Chamber of Commerce ?
A Chamber of is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. The chamber of commerce is an organization of citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program-working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural wellbeing of the area. Local businesses are the members that elect a board of directors and/or executive council to set policy for the chambers. There are two primary functions of a chamber of commerce: first, it acts as a spokesman for the business and professional community and translates the group thinking of its members into action; secondly, it renders a specific product or services type that can be most effectively be beneficial by a community organization and to its members as a whole. How does it function? The Chamber’s mission is creating an environment in which businesses can prosper. The main function of a Chamber of Commerce is to promote interest in local business possibilities. The Chamber works for industrial and business development, which supports new residents with their revenues for our community. It provides educational opportunities and assists businesses with the latest marketing and promotional techniques. It works toward the increasing development of highways, recreational areas, new industries, and the expansion of existing industries; all of which increase the demand for services. The Chamber provides an expanding market for construction, real estate and insurance professionals by promoting business, and attracting new industries and residents. Potential customers are referred to members daily. The Chamber works continuously for the growth of the city, business expansion and population increase to insure the professional a prosperous place in which to make a living.