May 12, 2022

Bonneville GOP Violation of Election Laws

Boise, ID — Today, the Idaho Republican Party and its Chairman, Tom Luna, sued the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee (“BCRCC”) and members of its Executive Committee to stop the BCRCC from continuing to break election laws ahead of next Tuesday’s elections. 

The complaint, filed in Idaho state court, explains how the BCRCC has unlawfully distributed a flyer to Idaho voters that violates numerous election laws and falsely states that it contains official endorsements of the Idaho Republican Party. The Idaho Republican Party seeks an injunction against the BCRCC’s continued distribution of the flyer and similar false statements, which threaten irreparable harm to voters, candidates, and the electoral process.

Chairman Tom Luna said in a statement, “Today, as Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, I filed a lawsuit asking the court to stop the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee from engaging in misleading campaign activities that, among other things, are in violation of election laws. The consequences of the BCRCC action not only put the BCRCC at legal risk but also the Idaho Republican Party. One of my responsibilities as Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party is to defend the party and its brand, and I intend to do just that. Either the Republican Party is the party of law and order or we're not."


Tyler Kelly
Executive Director
Idaho Republican Party |