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Change - Count On It!

Just last week I was attempting to parrot my "elevator pitch" and was interrupted.

"What do PR firms do now that no one has the time or the interest in reading the Boston Globe?"

This is NOT the first time I've heard this challenge.

First, I inform my colleague that we now call our former powerhouse newspaper the Boston Glo. Half the circulation, all the pomposity.

Second, I explain that PR is STILL about reaching people and positioning our clients as the "go to" source for their product or service. It's just that the WHERE has changed.

Instead of starting the day with the Boston Globe and a cup of coffee, it is fire up, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube for starters.

Now the challenge is to be visible in ALL the places that your best prospect might be looking. Google, Vimeo, Craig's List. Feed the beast. And feed the information beast on a regular basis - or your competition will be MORE visible.

But how?

Content is still KING on the Internet. "How to" articles, intro videos, milestone news releases and blogging - all of these help create a presence, some traction, brand recognition.

The new fractionalized media landscape challenges you to be more creative, more aggressive and more consistent.

Need help identifying opportunities? Packaging them? Getting messages to the right audiences?

Email me, Tweet me, send a LinkedIn message. Or go Old School and pick up the phone.

Quote to Consider:

"Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people."

-William Butler Yeats
And now a word from our sponsors:

Serving small to mid-sized clients, we often act as the "quarterback" to generate "new business" for clients on a consistent basis. We look at what tools are necessary to surround your best potential customers with positive messages.

In addition to creating "news" opportunities, we are marketers and writers. We take a look at the "big picture" of how to create opportunity for you. This might include new sales materials, publicity, a direct mail campaign, a micro telemarketing unit, or updating the content on your website.

The cumulative effect of our well orchestrated publicity has helped clients attract new customers, employees, investors and solid vendors while building brand recognition.

Our clients seem to like the fact that:
1. Seasoned professionals work directly with
them and on their account.
2. Our bandwidth of contacts rivals the big boys.
3. Our fees are reasonable.
4. We are almost human compared to our

PR Works. Allow us to show you how it can work for you.

Contact us TODAY at (781) 582-1061 or email us.
Steven V. Dubin
President, PR Works

PR Works for you to generate new leads, greater visibility and new opportunity through:

� Strategic PR planning
� News Releases
� Feature Stories
� Newsletters
� Brochures/Sales Material
� TV & Radio Appearances
� Media Coaching
� Case studies
� Grand Openings
� Events
� Advertising
� Telemarketing
� Direct Marketing
� Social Media

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