Austin ISD has planned a “Pride Week” for March 20-25, 2023. The district is not using an opt-in approach (which is required by Texas law) to inform parents about a week devoted to promoting unhealthy ideas in grades K-12. Parents will have to intentionally opt their children out or keep them home altogether. Check your own school district calendar as this week-long agenda is billed as a nationwide “celebration.”

With a quick google search, we discovered studies that show those living the LGBTQ++ lifestyle have:

  • 3.6 times higher drug use
  • 5 times more marijuana use disorder
  • 4 times greater cocaine addiction
  • 3 times higher opioid addiction
  • 47% binge drinking vs. 17% in the general population
  • More depression, greater anxiety
  • Attempted suicide at a rate of at least 41%, because the Pride agenda ignores underlying factors that result in unhealthy behavioral choices while offering no actual help for healing.

Surely no parent wants their child to live out these statistics!

The Austin ISD website proclaims:

“Every year, to celebrate LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and families Austin ISD hosts its own Pride Week, a time to highlight the district's commitment to creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.” 

“This year's weeklong celebration is March 20-25, 2023, which aligns with the National LGBT Health Awareness Week.”

“Pride Swag—Students and staff, during the week of March 20-24, please visit your campus front office to pick up Pride and Ally stickers, posters, flags, pronoun buttons, and more!”

If you have a child or grandchild in the district, click here to see the week’s schedule. Last year some K-5 campuses included all a parade down the hallways with kids throwing candy, waving posters, and cheering on the idea of being LGBTQ++. AISD labels children who are not committed to the agenda as “bystanders” vs. being an “Ally.” We are very concerned about the “pronoun button” campaign. The act of choosing a button is reinforcement of the false narrative of gender theory - that we can choose or change our biological sex. 

ACTION: Please pray that God will protect the minds, bodies, and souls of the children subjected to a week of celebrating sin and a dangerous lifestyle. Pray that parents will wake up, protect and opt their children out of this harmful indoctrination. Pray that the children will know this is wrong. Pray for the AISD teachers and staff who love God, that they will have the courage to respond as God leads them. We know evil will be defeated in the end, but pray that God will help us fight it where we can.
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