PREP and PRIA are going through some changes in 2019, updating their webpages and making access to their many resources even more relevant and available to you all.

And PREP’s name is being changed officially to PRIA Local, effective immediately. We’re working on updating the PRIA webpages to reflect these changes, but in the meantime, we’re using the PRIA Local masthead on our monthly Newsletter (now simply called PRIA Local).

PREP (now PRIA Local) has always been about local issues in the real property records industry area, so PRIA decided to make their local presence simpler and clearer by calling their chapters PRIA Local. The local concept has been going strong since 2002, when AEA, ALTA, and now IGO all joined forces within PRIA to promote a local chapter structure that would promote dialog between business and government industry partners. Being a part of PRIA Local involves only participation and conversation and hopefully new ideas generated from common ground.

PRIA 's Marketing Taskforce is rejuvenating the look and feel of PRIA and PRIA Local to improve not only the look but, more importantly, the navigation of the website. The redesign will be six months in development but there will be updates on progress during that time. Stay tuned as we update the PRIA webpage to reflect these changes and to provide even better service to PRIA members and non-members across the country.

new Georgia PRIA Local Chapter:
Co-chairs: Government, Chyvaun Ferguson, chyvaun.ferguson@fultoncountyga.gov , and Business, Janine McCabe, janine@goepn.com

The first Georgia PRIA Local meeting was held on December 12, 2018. The two new co-chairs for the Chapter are Chyvaun Ferguson, from Fulton County (Government) and Janine McCabe, from eRecording Partners Network (Business). An introduction to PRIA Local and PRIA was given by Jerry Llewallen, ePN. Jerry also gave a presentation entitled: Why eRecord? There was a panel discussion on eRecording including comments from Chyvaun Ferguson, Fulton County, a local attorney, an eRecording user and a title underwriter. The meeting ended with discussion about the upcoming PRIA Winter Symposium to be held in Greenville, SC in late February 2019 and plans were made for this new Chapter to meet in the first quarter of 2019. (See more information about this Chapter on the PRIA Local webpage .)
excerpted from MortgageOrb 1/7/19

WFG National Title, a Portland-based national title insurance, settlement, valuation and technology services company, is creating a Cyberfraud Awareness Team to educate consumers and companies involved in the home buying and mortgage process.

The company is asking industry participants – including real estate agents, mortgage lenders, financial institutions and other title insurance companies – to join the team to educate consumers about the dangers of online and email fraud, particularly at the time of closing when funds need to be wired to settlement service providers. ( Read complete article .)

Complimentary for PRIA Members
$25 for Nonmembers
presented by
Jim Harper, PFA, Inc., a Kofile Technolgies Company
Brent Holladay, Seminole County, Florida

These webinars will focus on:
  1. Establishing the need for a partnership between Recorders and IT regarding records preservation.
  2. Helping participants understand that having a good computer backup process does not achieve the goals of a records preservation program.
  3. Defining the goals of an effective records preservation strategy.
  4. Educating participants on the fundamental principles of an effective electronic records preservation program.
To register for these webinars, click below:
Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats are filled.

Register soon if you still want to get the early bird registration rates and desirable hotel reservations. And if you want to experience the entire PRIA Winter Symposium, you should plan to arrive on Monday, February 25, in time for the early-bird reception, and stay through the final program on Thursday evening, February 28. 

Visit the Winter Symposium Page on the website to see the conference schedule and to make your arrangements for a great conference experience.

excerpted from AltaNewsOnline 1/8/19

Teton County in Wyoming plans to work with Medici Land Governance (MLG)—a subsidiary of Overstock.com—to develop a blockchain-based land records and information platform in 2019.

According to a release, MLG plans to develop and implement the software needed to transfer and display information from Teton County’s current land and property titling system to the new blockchain-based system.

The new system will utilize MLG’s technologies, policies and programs to track, record and make available to the public certain information related to real property for management purposes. Once in place, the system will also automatically capture and record subsequent land administration transactions and updates to the blockchain.

All Teton County land records going back to 1996 will be recorded on the new platform, including mortgages, release of liens and other similar documents. Title information that is obscured for viewing on the current system will also be obscured from the blockchain-based system, but all public records will be available at the county clerk’s office. ( Read complete article .)

For nearly two decades, Simplifile has provided a seamless eRecording management platform for hundreds of county clerks, recorders, registers of deeds, public trustees, auditors, assessors, treasurers, and counties of all sizes.
How does it work? Settlement agents send documents to counties online via Simplifile. In minutes, the county can receive, review, stamp, record, and return the documents to the submitter electronically. It’s simple and secure. Best of all, it’s free for all counties and recording jurisdictions, introducing no additional burden on county budgets or taxpayers and even reducing costs on postage, ink, and paper.
We at Simplifile are proud of our work bringing eRecording technology to the industry and becoming the number one choice of settlement agents and counties nationwide. 
With Simplifile you can:
·       Use one service for all eRecording management
·       Route documents between county offices
·       Automate document reception and return
·       Receive configuration to your current systems
·       Have simple payments and detailed reporting
·       Reduce lines and increase office efficiency
·       Avoid scanning, stamping, and return mailings
·       Reduce costs and go green

What sets Simplifile apart?
·       Largest eRecording network
·       Experience recording millions of land records
·       Local, dedicated account representatives
·       Security and redundant data centers
·       24/7/365 friendly support team

To learn more, visit simplifile.com.

excerpted from ALTA Advocacy Update by Cornelia Horner, Interim CEO, January 7, 2019

Welcome to 2019! Thirteen ALTA members have joined our team here in Washington, D.C., to barnstorm around Capitol Hill. The members were ALTA President Cynthia Durham Blair NTP; TIPAC Chairman and ALTA Board Governor David Townsend NTP; Abstractors and Agents Section Secretary Nicole Plath; Florida Land Title Association Executive Director Scott Merritt; New Yorkers Bill Collins, Marianne Mathieu and Ted Werner; Michiganders Michelle and Tom Richardson; Ohioan Tim Evans; Tennesseans Jeff and Emily McEvoy; and Washington, D.C., resident Caleb Reppert.

These members of ALTA's Government Affairs, TIPAC and Congressional Liaisons committees served as a force multiplier helping us connect with the nine freshman Senators (two Democrats, seven Republicans) and 89 new Representatives (59 Democrats, 29 Republicans). More importantly, they helped put faces to our industry with these new members of Congress.

Most of the freshman members of Congress (and some upperclassman) hold open houses in their new offices. These open houses provide a base of operations for the member and their friends and family throughout the day. For groups like ALTA, they create an opportunity to meet the member and their staff and get a sense of which committees they want to serve.

One of the highlights was meeting with Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA). He understands our issues because he was one of us in his past life as an attorney and title agent. Another new member that understands our industry is Harley Rouda (D-CA). He is a former real-estate developer with ties to a number of our members in California.

We need policymakers to see our values in action. Invite them to a meet and greet or a closing. Let them see you use your real-estate expertise to lead for your client. Show them how you deliver by sweating the small stuff to make the closing smooth for your customer. Most importantly, show them how we protect their voters' most valuable assets. This is our opportunity to help them see an industry that leads, delivers and protects its customers, so they will be more inclined to lead, deliver and protect our industry.

PRIA Local Coordinator: Carolyn Ableman, cableman@pria.us
PRIA Local Business Co-chair: Elizabeth Blosser, elizabethb@alta.org
PRIA Local Government Co-chair: Susan Kramer, kramer.susan@co.olmsted.mn.us

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