All Saints Catholic Church
Sunday PREP - Newsletter
August 26, 2018
Hello! It's Emily, your Director of Faith Formation, from All Saints! This is your PREP newsletter for the week of 8/26....
We want to thank the following PREP parents for volunteering to help with set up, refreshments, registration, and clean up yesterday...we couldn't do it without your help: Heidi Jaccaud Arvay, Betsy Rinehart, Lisa Skinner, and Marvin Cuevas!

It was great seeing all your smiling faces at PREP yesterday!! 🍩☕️:-)💛
Sign ups are still open for all the areas we discussed on Sunday. Remember your sign up is an expression of interest. A leader will call you and provide more details, and then you can decide whether to go all in 👍 ! Click this link for the page with all the sign up links.
You can also view Sunday's presentation. Complete with links here: Sunday's Presentation - Aug. 26
Classroom parent volunteers for Sunday PREP may volunteer once/month until the VIRTUS training is complete. VIRTUS training opportunities will be announced soon! Support your child's faith journey - help out in the classroom. Sign up HERE
A few PREP reminders - No class on 9/2 due to the Labor Day holiday. We'll see you again on 9/9! Also, if you are like me and ever misplace your 8/26 Kid's can download a copy here: Kids' Weekly Bulletin. This bulletin is due back on 9/9 for a special treat and a chance at the treasure box.
Update: The boiler room service opportunity is compliant with all safety and prep reqs. When the equipment was removed and broken down, everything was checked and/or treated for asbestos, etc. It's safe to sign up! Boiler Room - One and Done