Dear CLC members:

Below you will find two letters from our president, Michelle Mahoney.

The first is a letter on the larger issues facing General Council in 2019 and beyond.

The second is a letter of explanation related to membership fees.
January 30, 2019


Dear Beloved Members of CLC Canada,

Belated New Year’s Greetings to each of you! May it be a year full of hope and abundant blessings for you and your families.

As your General Council, we met on ZOOM Saturday, January 12 and are off to a busy start! The National Evaluation Working Group presented us with more of your reflections on Leadership in CLC. You will be receiving a summary of the highlights in the near future. The Working Group hopes to have all the input compiled for us by March. So far, this has been a long and much more time consuming task than was originally expected. Still, after 3 years, the Working Group considers it a joy to serve in this way! Once the WG has finished the evaluation part of this process, we are committed to discerning actions that will move CLC forward into the future - building and cooperating with the Trinity.

As General Council, we take your concerns and suggestions seriously and have already implemented a few changes. For example, we are improving communication. The Update, our national newsletter, has been restored, thanks to the generosity of our new editor! The revised Website will be in effect very soon as our website master is changing to Wordpress, making it more user friendly. We are increasing our use of ZOOM to connect with each other at Regional and National Events. Also, I felt very blessed to have been able to go to Vancouver last fall with Fr. Trevor where we shared in the graces of our recent World Assembly in Buenos Aires and had a wonderful day of celebration with members making temporary and permanent commitments to CLC. It was so good to put names to new faces and see old familiar faces as well. It certainly gave the feeling that God is alive and well in the building of Christian Life Communities in Canada.

As you know, we are also busy with preparations for our National Assembly, to take place in October in Winnipeg. We are presently discerning the grace and theme of this Assembly which will build on the graces of the World Assembly. Watch for further updates.

Along with the New Year comes the reminder that your annual Membership Fees are due before April 30, 2019. We realize that this is an expensive year, because of the National Assembly, and appreciate the fund raising that is being done and the financial contributions that you and your community have made or will make. Below is a letter of explanation regarding our needs for ongoing financial support and co-financial responsibility.

In a few days, you will receive our 2018 Financial Statement and the newly revised Membership Fee Form through your Regional Representatives. Hope this is helpful.
We hold you in our hearts as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We keep you in our prayers as you strive to co-create God’s Kingdom through CLC. Please keep us in your prayers as well!

Michelle Mahoney on behalf of your General Council
Many miracles and wonders were being done through the apostles, and everyone was filled with awe. All the believers continued together in close fellowship and shared their belongings with one another. They would sell their property and possessions and distribute the money among all, according to what each one needed. Day after day, they met as a group in the temple andthey had their meals together in their homes, eatingwith glad and humble hearts, praising God, and enjoying the good will of all the people. And every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved. Acts, 2:43 - 47

To: CLC Canada National Members
From: General Council (GC), CLC Canada
Re: CLC Canada Membership Fees

January, 2019

Greetings fellow members of CLC Canada:                                                                        
A new year is now upon us! We are writing to remind you to submit your membership fee of $70.00 to CLC Canada by April 30, 2019 and to thank you if you have already done so. We also want to take this opportunity to share with you more about where your membership fee goes, how it is critical to our mission and a bit more about CLC Canada’s finances and operational costs as well as our solidarity funds.

“Financial co-responsibility” is integral to our way of life and call to mission
As an Apostolic community, we imitate the early Christians in their collective sharing of resources, providing us the financial means to carry out our mission efficiently. Within CLC Canada, we have both operating costs (supporting membership formation, communications, governance and apostolic initiatives) and solidarity funds (see more below).  In addition, as one World body, a portion of our membership fee to the national is paid to the World CLC.

The CLC national membership fee remains $70 per year: $50 for National and $20 for the needs of your own region. This financial commitment applies to all of our members who have made a temporary or permanent commitment to CLC, although anyone is welcome to make contributions to CLC Canada. CLC Canada is a registered charity and tax receipts will be issued for both membership fees and donations.

In addition to our membership fee, you also have the opportunity to contribute further to the formation and mission projects that are outlined on our Membership Fee and Donations Form.

Membership “fee” or membership “donation”?

Yes, CLC is now using the term membership “fee” to refer to the $70 annual commitment expected of our members. While in the past, we used to use the word “donation” this does not reflect that being responsible for one another is an essential aspect of community life, an essential expression of our belonging to one national – and world – community, and a necessary means for becoming an Apostolic Body (World Assembly of Fatima 2008).

When do we pay our membership fee each year?

Membership fees are due on April 30 th of each year. One reason for this timeline is that it allows the General Council to determine the year’s budget based on a certain assurance of having the finances needed for continued activity. Our budget is tied to our number of members (those of you who have made a temporary or permanent commitment to CLC). When we have members who omit to pay their fees, this places CLC Canada in a very difficult financial situation.

Your regional representative or co-ordinator will now be sending out regular reminders at fixed intervals in the year to help ensure that membership fees are paid in a timely manner.

Two convenient ways to pay and donate ….
You can pay your membership fee and make other donations to CLC, including to our solidarity Funds, in one of two ways.

By mail
You may fill out and mail in the attached form with a cheque to pay your membership and any additional donations. A tax receipt will then be sent to you by mail. 

OR Online
You can pay your membership fees and additional donations online at Canada Helps at: canada To pay membership fees, choose “01-Annual Membership Fee $70” on the drop-down menu. Canada Helps charges CLC Canada a 3.5% fee for its service, so please consider adding an extra $2.50 to your donation if you choose this method. You can choose other drop down options to make additional contributions. When paying membership fees, be sure to indicate your name and that of your community for record-keeping purposes. The website will automatically email you a tax receipt following your payment.

What if I cannot afford the $70 membership fee?

We recall that we are a community committed to helping one another. Various local communities have come up with some creative ways of raising money for fees such as:
1) If you have 18 meetings a year, pay $4 at each meeting.
2) Consider collecting additional Loonies/Toonies at each meeting as a communal act to help defray the costs for a member (s).
Some communities also send in their contributions together at a fixed time each year, which is another helpful way to ensure that fees are submitted by all members in a timely manner. If you do choose this method, please be sure to submit all the names, addresses and respective amounts to the CLC Treasurer so that correct income tax receipts may be issued and proper financial records may be kept.

What are the consequences if the membership fee is not paid regularly by our members?

If the annual membership fee is not paid by our members, one of the consequences is a negative impact on World CLC. Each year CLC Canada supports the world community’s mission and operational budget by sending an amount determined by the number of members in our national directory. Since all national communities in the World are inter-dependent, if we don’t send our share then other countries will need to compensate. 

We have been very blessed for many years by the generosity of certain members to CLC Canada and its various missions. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of these members.  However, in recent years, General Council has been challenged in fostering financial co-responsibility in our national membership more broadly. Currently a significant portion of our members have not been regularly paying their annual membership fee, which has created financial hardships for CLC Canada. At times, it has been a struggle to balance the books while realizing our mandate to provide CLC formation.  We also remain accountable to pay World dues based on our membership, even when members have not paid their membership fees. 

Your Regional Representative is available to help supply you with a detailed accounting of income and expenses and to answer questions you may have.


We thank all members for being mindful of this aspect of belonging to CLC. It is important that each shares responsibility for the well-being of all dimensions of community life including our finances. By paying our membership fees and making other generous contributions, we ensure our financial sustainability which allows us to fulfil our mission as CLC Canada and realize our communal apostolic vocation.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Michelle Mahoney (National President)
Leah Michaud (Past President)
Fr. Trevor Scott (Ecclesiastical Assistant)
Bill Greenwood (Treasurer)
Linda Adams (Secretary)
Jane Abernethy Parker (Atlantic Region Representative)
Mary Lou Gonzales (Central Region Representative)
Howard Engel (Prairies Region Representative)
Janet Ho (Rockies Region Representative)