September 15, 2015

HONOLULU, Hawaii --
Late last night, the current state chairman of the Hawaii GOP sent a 'press release' to the media and to the membership of our party announcing that Fritz Rohlfing and his small cabal of liberal followers voted to remove me as the district chair for a large section of Ewa Beach currently represented in the State House by Bob McDermott (R).  This vote took place two weeks ago.

You deserve to know the truth about why the Hawaii Republican Assembly, of which I am president, strongly encourages donors to give directly to candidates rather than squandering your financial contributions on a silent, scared, poorly run party which never supports its own brave candidates.

Even though state chair Fritz Rohlfing and his cabal regrettably believe otherwise , there is no question that I have a fiduciary obligation to warn you, my fellow party members and party donors, that you are being played for fools.

Here's the awful truth :  The empty shell of a political organization which calls itself the Hawaii Republican Party is now merely pretending to exist.   Here's the proof :  Voter registration is not happening.  Canvassing is not happening.  Voter identification is not happening.  Voter education and persuasion is not happening.  Leadership on issues is not happening.  Pointing out the failure of Democrats is not happening.  Community meetings are not happening.  Coalition building is not happening.  And, ultimately, voters are being given no reason to cast ballots for Republicans instead of voting for Democrats .

Hawaii Republicans are not going to suddenly convince voters to switch their support to our party in the weeks before Election Day.  And, as history proves time and time again, neither will our brave candidates who average just 28% of the votes cast.  The work of organizing and persuading should have begun the day after the 2014 election.  One year later, NOTHING has been, nor is, being done.  It is an absolute outrage.  Why can't HRP just fight against Dems instead of causing all this infighting?

Fritz Rohlfing and the other party hijackers really don't want you to know this .  They just want you to keep mailing them money and asking no questions , or as former HRP chair, Pat Saiki said, "No one should ever question me."  This why they don't like whistleblowers who reveal secrets about the party's extremely questionable financial dealings and nonexistent preparations for victory.  

Questionable how?  Nonexistent how?
  • Well, you can't keep spending $14,000 per month in overhead like Rohlfing is right now while only raking in $6,000 per month in contributions.  That's called deficit spending .  It's what liberal Democrats and failed businesses do.  But instead of cutting wasteful spending, Rohlfing's cabal has recently tripled down with exorbitant staff salaries and delusional budgeting.  It's no wonder that Rohlfing's cabal secretly changed party rules to prohibit any audit from ever being performed of party finances.  They don't want you to know what they've done with your money.  
  • You can't lie to people that you're raising money from them exclusively to pay off the mortgage for party headquarters when you know that you will continue to raid those funds and use them as a slush fund for all the wasteful spending which keeps Republicans in a distant second place in Hawaii politics.  You also shouldn't lie to people about this when the cabal of Fritz Rohlfing, Miriam Hellreich and Ted Liu secretly changed party rules so he and his buddies can raid those 'mortgage funds' from the 'capital campaign' any time they like, 24/7/365.  While charlatan Rohlfing is tugging at your heartstrings and cashing your donation checks to "save our headquarters", he is already wasting that money long before our party's mortgage company ever sees a penny in payment.  [ more info about this coming soon ]  
  • You can't hope to win elections when all you're doing is executing the sorry playbook that's led to Hawaii GOP losses every election year for the past decade.  Where's the courageous and infectious leadership that will rally Hawaii's people to our side?  Aren't there dozens of issues which can and should galvanize voters and taxpayers which Hawaii's Republican Party should be visibly associated with??  Oh, that's right, we're officially neutral on every issue, thanks to Rohlfing's cabal.
These facts about questionable finances and our nonexistent shell of a party undermine the grip of liberals on our beloved Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).

While basically accomplishing nothing for the past ten months, there is ONE action that our party has taken since losing badly the 2014 election.  With the Rohlfing cabal's insistence,  HRP adopted a 'compliance resolution' that allows Rohlfing and his pals to remove people like me from the party leadership for not going along with the systematic fleecing of donors and the continued political support for Democrat domination.  In light of this noose tightening and with me being a conservative Republican in a state party hijacked by liberals, it was only a matter of time before Ewa Beach Republicans would have their votes for me as their district chairman overturned by the RINO's (Republicans in name only) down at Kapiolani Boulevard who control our party and its destiny.  They didn't like me 'actively hindering' their ongoing destruction of our state and county parties.  They only wanted my silence and complicity . . . and yours too .  Well, they are not going to get it.

My loyalty lies with the people of the Republican Party, and especially those who elected me district chair, not an incestuous group of liberal, faux "Republicans."  I will continue the fight for our Republican values, our policies, and our reforms in my role as president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) where every minute and every penny is spent working to convince Hawaii voters to abandon their support for Democrats after sixty years of failed liberal governance in the islands.

As the Republican Wing of the Republican Party, HIRA's doors are wide open to people like you -- real Republicans who actually want to make a difference rather than just wondering (as they do at HRP) where the time went and watching helplessly as problems go unaddressed and unsolved while cynically defending such inaction as "diversity" and "differences of opinion" within the party.  By their standards and twisted logic, we should never criticize Obama or the Democrats because, after all, we are all Americans, right?!? . . . well, even Obama is questionable there.

So if you really want to change Hawaii tomorrow, then please join HIRA today.  

We have a free informational event next Wednesday at 7pm in West Oahu, at the Ewa Kahiko District Park Complex.  You deserve a Republican majority in Hawaii and the positive changes that would bring.  So I hope you'll come learn what HIRA is all about.

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