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Women Entrepreneurs
South Bend, Indiana (October 18, 2018) – Mayor Pete Butigieg , will be opening the 1st Women's Entrepreneur Summit in northern Indiana, southern Michigan to welcome the women entrepreneurs to the summit. C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative , a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is hosting the
1 st Annual Women’s Entrepreneur Summit, Round Tables for Success designed for seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect to resources, funding, relationship building, inspiration and more!  
We will be bringing together business/community leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to empower women in entrepreneurship, leadership and building solid relationships. It’s about women entrepreneurial success. 

“This is the 1 st time in the history of our region a conference has been designed targeting women entrepreneurs, created for and designed by women entrepreneurs. It's amazing to be able to create the space for women entrepreneurs to come together from our region, a grassroots movement by and for entrepreneurs. It’s all very exciting.” Cindy Cohen says, the Founder and President of C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative.
This ground-breaking 6 hour summit event will be held on national Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, November 19th , at the Celebrations Palace, 410 Laurel Street, Mishawaka, IN.; from 10 am - 4 pm , exhibitors will be present before, during and after the event plus a networking event creating the space for a grassroots movement, by educating and empowering women to find success in business and fulfill the multiple roles in their personal lives.

Studies have shown that women are a third more likely to start a business out of necessity than men due to their financial situation. They are also the most averse to taking the risk of starting a new business, due to not knowing where to start or where to find advice.
Astonishing 70% of women entrepreneur’s businesses fail due to lack of women role models, mentors, resources and in some cases, low self-confidence (fear). The summit will provide the opportunity for women to share stories, tips, inspiration, showcase their businesses and network to offer each other support, resources and inspiration/motivation.
We are requesting your support for this event through sponsorships, PSA’s and inviting us to be guest(s) on radio/TV shows that have opportunities for interviews to get the word out to women entrepreneurs or who aspire to be one.

Registration and ticket purchase for the summit is on the website The cost for a full day of presentations, featuring 20 expert speakers, a catered breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and networking event is $30 when purchased before Friday, October 19 th after that tickets will be $50 per person.

Sponsors / Partners: Teachers Credit Union, 1st Source Bank, Chemical Bank, C2 Your Health LLC, Business Success Unlimited, Premier Women Network, Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization.
For more information on the event go to our website or call today 800-245-8917 voice mail.