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October 26, 2021
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ALGOP Releases Polling on Vaccine Mandates

Today, the Alabama Republican Party released the first public polling measuring the support of President Joe Biden’s health mandates in the State of Alabama. The poll gives a snapshot of where the citizens of Alabama currently stand on the issue of vaccine mandates.
The poll was conducted by phone between 10/16/2021 and 10/18/2021, and surveyed 1,357 respondents from a random stratified selection of registered voters across the State of Alabama. The sample has a Margin of Error of +/- 3.1%.

Poll Results and Synopsis

Since their introduction, vaccine mandates have remained one of Joe Biden’s most controversial policies nationally, and in Alabama the trend is no different with 70.9% of Alabamians saying they did not think “the Federal Government should regulate personal health decisions”. The rate was even higher among self-identified Republicans at 88.1%.
Do you think the Federal Government should regulate
personal health decisions?
One of the key components of the Biden Administration’s health plan is forcing employers to fire employees that have not been vaccinated for COVID 19. When asked about this policy directly Republicans where overwhelming opposed, while only about half of Democrats were in favor.
Do you think the Federal Government should require employees be fired if they have not been vaccinated for COVID 19?
When respondents were asked about vaccine mandates in connection with Joe Biden by name, the results changed to reflect a more political response, and were clearly divided along party lines. It seems the policies of the Biden Administration are more unpopular among Democrat voters than the President himself.
Do you support or oppose President Joe Biden's
vaccine mandates?
In conclusion, the survey shows Alabama citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to Federal mandates targeting personal health decisions, and forcing employees to be vaccinated. This issue is only going to intensify over the coming months as mandates continue to be enforced, and new OSHA vaccine rules start taking effect for businesses with more than 100 employees.

Statement from ALGOP Chairman John Wahl:

“It is clear that the people of Alabama are strongly opposed to the federal government regulating personal health decisions, as well as mandates forcing companies to fire employees based on vaccination status. They understand that no individual, group, or even government should have the power to force someone to take a shot against their will. This idea goes against everything America was founded on.

“Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have lost touch with the people of Alabama and the fundamental American values we hold dear. Government is supposed to represent “we the people” and defend our liberties, not take away our health freedom. Individuals and families should have the right to make their own medical decisions without fear of losing their jobs. 
“If we surrender our medical freedom and right to privacy now, we will lose those rights in the future, and government control will grow into every area of our lives.

“The Alabama Republican Party is committed to standing up for the people of Alabama, and defending their rights and freedoms in every area. That includes the right to make their own medical choices.”