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July 21, 2020
Contact: Wells Winegar, Dep. Administrator
Phone: 908-725-6300 ext. 5000
Bridgewater Council Unanimously Adopts 2020 Municipal Budget
Bridgewater, NJ – At the Bridgewater Township Council meeting last night, the Township Council voted unanimously to adopt the 2020 Municipal Budget. The budget represents a 4% decrease in spending from the 2019 budget, achieving over $1.6 million in cuts to account for lost Township revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The adoption by the entire Council last night is the culmination of a lot of hard work and collaboration between our Administration and the Township Council,” said Mayor Matthew Moench. “This was a difficult year to craft a budget that both maintained the level of service that the residents want and need but also strives to shield them from the heavy losses to Township revenue. I would like to thank the Council for their partnership and support of this budget and also the residents who provided feedback to us. The 2021 budget will not be any easier as the economic effects of this pandemic linger but we will continue to work hard to protect our taxpayers.”

“This was a tough budget,” said Council President Howard Norgalis. "This budget was an appropriate response to the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves. We must continue to be diligent and find efficiencies whenever and wherever possible as we now prepare for next year’s budget.”

“I take my responsibly as a steward of taxpayer money very seriously,” said Council Vice President Filipe Pedroso. “I have been on the Council Finance Subcommittee almost every year I have sat on the Township Council and this is by far the most challenging budget we have faced. I would like to thank the Mayor and the Administration for working hand in hand with Councilman Norgalis and I to arrive at, what I believe to be, a fair solution to a nearly impossible problem.”

The Township had sent out two informational videos both before and after the budget introduction. Those videos are linked below.