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July 6, 2020
Contact: Wells Winegar, Dep. Administrator
Phone: 908-725-6300 ext. 5000
Bridgewater Park Renamed After Hobbstown Residents
Bridgewater, NJ - At the Bridgewater Township Council Meeting on Monday, July 6 th , the Council approved a resolution to officially rename Somerville Manor Park (aka Hobbstown Park) to David and Phillip Miller Park. Representatives from the Hobbs Family Union approached the Mayor and Administration with a proposal for the name change in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hobbstown, to honor brothers David and Phillip Miller for their impact and influence upon several generations of Hobbstown youth. 
“I am proud to have worked with the Hobbstown Family Union to rightly honor David and Phillip Miller with the renaming of this park,” said Mayor Matthew Moench. “David and Phillip stood for fair play, hard work in pursuit of excellence and teamwork, which can serve as an example to all Bridgewater youth now and in years to come.”
“I would like to thank the Mayor and Township Council for approving this resolution,” said Hobbstown Family Union President Kenneth Hobbs. “David and Phillip’s roots go back to the very beginning of Hobbstown and they have mentored countless athletes in our community. With the renaming of this park, they will continue to serve as an inspiration to the youth of this area.”
“It is an honor to recognize these great residents of Bridgewater,” said Council President Howard Norgalis. “Just as we officially renamed the section of town to Hobbstown a couple years ago, it is important that we continue to cement the legacy of one of the most historically rich areas of our community and pay respect to the individuals who made it that way.”
David and Philip Miller grew up in Bridgewater and both attended local schools—David graduated Somerville High School while Philip graduated from Bridgewater-Raritan. David was a player for the Raiders, a New Jersey minor league baseball team which he later managed in conjunction with his brother Philip, who passed on in 1999. The Miller brothers have served as positive role models for generations of youth from Hobbstown, to include such storied athletes as Ernie Van Ness, Jonathan Williams, Lester and Randy Johnson, and Eric Murdock. Miller remains a pillar of the Hobbstown community and Bridgewater at large.

Hobbstown officially became an unincorporated community with in Bridgewater Township in 2018.  The community has its beginnings in 1920, when the brothers Amos, General and Robert Hobbs purchased property there.  Hobbstown has continued to grow and thrive ever since. The neighborhood consists of Prince Rodgers Avenue, Sussex Avenue, Mercer Street, Richard Street, Monmouth Avenue, Hudson Street, Henry Street and Hoagland Court. 
A rededication ceremony is being planned for late July of this year.