February 6, 2017
Toronto, ON
Canadian Association for Community Living 
Appoints Krista Carr as Executive Vice-President 

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Krista Carr as Executive Vice-President, effective April 17, 2017. In undertaking a comprehensive search for a new EVP, CACL sought a candidate who meets and exceeds our highest standards: passionate and dedicated commitment to the beliefs  an d values of full citizenship and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities; demonstrated experience in turning those values into real change in people's live s and communities; and, visionary and strategic leadership with exceptional expertise in fund development, government and public relations. CACL has found that candidate in Krista Carr. We are honored to announce that she has accepted this appointment and we warmly welcome Krista to this leadership role.

As a long-standing leader in the community living movement, currently as Executive Director of the New Brunswick Association for Community Living, Krista Carr offers a depth of experience and wealth of knowledge about community inclusion, demonstrated commitment to our agenda, expert systemic and individual advocacy for change, and a stellar record of building organizational success. To this role she will bring exceptional strategic leadership in fund development, a prov en track record in building dynamic organizations, highly effective government and public relations, and superb communication skills including fluency in French and English.  She is excited to advance CACL's mission and priorities for an inclusive Canada, to continue our international leadership and to grow our profile and long-term sustainability.    

Krista looks forward to working closely with our provincial/territorial associations and broader national federation, with People First of Canada, the cross-disability community, the federal government and our other partners for joint and collaborative leadership in advancing CACL's ambitious agenda. CACL welcomes the contribution and partnership of our provincial/territorial member associations and all our stakeholders in making a successful transition to a new Executive Vice-President.

CACL looks forward to Krista's leadership and to dynamic growth in CACL's sources for policy leadership, knowledge and innovation as our current EVP Michael Bach transitions to take on full time leadership of IRIS - Institutes for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society. We are very pleased that Michael will continue a leadership role in our movement and bring his expertise to mobilizing knowledge on law, policy and practice to achieve full citizenship and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

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