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GTUIT Receives Montana State University EcoStar Pollution Prevention Award for 2019
Helena, MT, April 24 th , 2019 – GTUIT®, LLC , Billings, MT was awarded the EcoStar Pollution Prevention Award for 2019. The award was presented at a reception hosted by Governor Bullock at the State Capitol Rotunda in Helena. 
The award recognizes GTUIT for taking environmentally responsible steps to reduce air emissions in oil producing regions, maximize upstream oil and gas operation efficiencies, conserve energy and create a more sustainable business model.

GTUIT’s equipment has recovered over 2 million barrels of natural gas liquids (NGL). This represents over 500,000 tons of CO 2 and 150,000 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that were prevented from being emitted into the air. 
Brian Cebull, President and CEO of GTUIT said “Receiving the EcoStar Pollution Prevention Award is extremely meaningful for us as a Montana based company doing work across the Rockies and overseas. We began to address the need for flare capture in the oil and gas industry more than seven years ago. Since that time, and thanks to our amazing team, we have deployed the equipment and industry-leading field service that meets the needs of our loyal, forward thinking energy producer clients.” Cebull went on to say, “We thank the Montana Pollution Prevention Program for recognizing our efforts and look forward to continuing to bring innovative equipment and unrivaled service to the oil and gas industry for many years to come.”
About GTUIT ®
GTUIT is an industry leader of well-site level associated gas processing that includes innovative hydrogen sulfide removal and gas processing using mobile and modular equipment to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) and to condition fuel gas. GTUIT provides both proprietary equipment and best-in-class field service with 500 MCFD, 1,000 MCFD and 3,000 MCFD systems that are modular and scalable for well sites with up to 15,000 MCFD or more of associated gas. GTUIT has produced nearly 2 million barrels of NGLs. 

The firm is focused on providing innovative solutions for stranded gas processing, timely manufacturing and industry leading service that creates value for its customers.   More information is available at, Facebook , Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.


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