GTUIT Website Covers Five Additional Languages
For Release: April 26, 2016
BILLINGS, Montana, USA - GTUIT®, LLC ( )  recently added five additional languages to its website to cover the firm's ever expanding market.   The languages include Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.
"Each month over 30% of visitors to our website are from outside the United States." according to Brian Cebull, President and CEO of GTUIT. "Based on these website visits by foreign visitors and our backlog of international proposals and projects we felt the need to accommodate them and make their web research easier. Understandably these languages represent the languages of some of the world's top oil and gas providers" Cebull remarked.

In addition to providing the website in additional languages, GTUIT will be providing marketing materials in several languages.
Source: GTUIT®, LLC
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GTUIT is an industry leader of field and well-site level natural gas processing, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal and fuel gas conditioning using mobile and modular equipment to process gas and recover natural gas liquids (NGL).   GTUIT provides both proprietary equipment and best in class field service with systems that are mobile and scalable from 250 MCFD to 5000 MCFD+.   GTUIT's innovative GPUR H2S removal equipment is sized to work in conjunction with GTUIT fuel conditioning equipment or as a standalone system. The equipment is scalable up to 30,000 ppm with 99.87% removal efficiency and has operating costs that are as low as 1/10th the cost of traditional liquid contactor systems. 
The firm is focused on providing innovative solutions, timely manufacturing and industry leading service that creates value for its customers. More information is available at, Facebook: and Twitter: 
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