GTUIT and Eco-Tec Reach Worldwide Agreement to Provide H2S Solutions
For Release: February 29, 2016
BILLINGS, Montana, USA - GTUIT®, LLC ( )  announced a worldwide supply agreement with Eco-Tec, Pickering, Ontario, Canada ( ) for GTUIT to distribute Eco-Tec hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas treatment equipment into the worldwide upstream oil and gas production market.   The multi-year agreement provides access of Eco-Tec equipment to the oil and gas market and allows GTUIT to expand its line of proven well site gas conditioning equipment. The GTUIT line of Eco-Tec equipment will be branded GPUR for the oil and gas industry.
Eco-Tec was founded in 1969 and is ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems Certified as well as ASME-U Certified for pressure vessel manufacture. The Eco-Tec line of H2S treatment is currently in operation at biogas, syngas, and landfill gas locations around the world. Through its patented, high efficiency scrubbing process, GPUR provides an economical system that effectively removes H2S from sour gas without the need for expensive and hazardous consumable chemicals- significantly reducing operating expense when compared to competing technologies. The GPUR system sweetens gas by converting the H2S into an elemental sulfur by-product. This by-product is non-hazardous and can be disposed of safely in a landfill or used in the fertilizer industry. The GPUR scrubbing system can operate independently to sweeten gas or it can be integrated into GTUIT's proven line of gas processing systems. No matter what the application, GPUR improves the safety and the economic feasibility of energy recovery by reducing maintenance and operating costs of H2S contaminated or "sour" wellhead gas.

According to the International Energy Agency, about 43% of the world's natural gas reserves (2,580 TCF) contain H2S. The Middle East has the bulk of the world's sour gas reserves while approximately 34% of Russia's total gas reserves contain H2S.  Sour gas is extremely problematic due to its corrosive nature and extreme toxicity which poses a threat to personnel and creates environmental health issues.

Brian Cebull, President and CEO of GTUIT said "Teaming with Eco-Tec allows us to introduce their proven equipment to the upstream oil and gas industry. Due to the prevalence of sour gas, we identified H2S treatment as an global opportunity, and Eco-Tec was our immediate partner choice based on our previous business experiences with them." Cebull went onto say "When gas containing H2S is burned as fuel in both reciprocating and turbine engines it can cause increased corrosion and maintenance. The GPUR equipment will allow for reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment life in field power generation applications. In addition, well site compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas-to-liquids (GTL) systems require clean, H2S free gas."

Michael Dejak, Vice President, Global Business Development for Eco-Tec said, "We currently have equipment in 60 countries and we look forward to our partnership with GTUIT and the introduction of the GPUR equipment into the upstream oil and gas markets.   Our equipment is a perfect fit and it meets the rugged requirements of equipment operating in the extreme environments common to oil and gas production."  
Source: GTUIT®, LLC
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Eco-Tec was established in 1969 and designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. The firm designs and manufactures water treatment equipment for high purity demineralization and produced water treatment as well as chemical recovery and purification equipment. The firm's gas processing equipment is used for amine purification and H2S removal.

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