The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church 
Votes in Favor of Reunification Between 
The Episcopal Diocese of Texas and The Episcopal Church in Texas
July 11, 2022: Both the House of Bishops and House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church voted in favor of the reunification between The Episcopal Diocese of Texas and The Episcopal Church in North Texas at their 80th General Convention being held in Baltimore.
In a joint statement issued by The Episcopal Diocese of Texas and The Episcopal Church in North Texas in the spring, Bishop of Texas, the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle and Bishop Scott Mayer announced a reunification exploration process. The Episcopal Church in North Texas was born out of The Episcopal Diocese of Texas in 1849, becoming part of the Missionary District of Northern Texas in 1874, then part of the new Diocese of Dallas in 1895, later becoming the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth in 1982.
The reunification comes after a long period of litigation following a 2008 schism involving the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, leaving behind a resilient and faithful people, who lost even their name in the process, becoming The Episcopal Church in North Texas, seeking new places to worship, all while not missing a beat in serving their communities through vital ministries and outreach. 
In the fall of 2021, Bishop Mayer called together a discernment group of clergy and lay leaders to begin the process of identifying and evaluating options for the future of The Episcopal Church in North Texas. The discernment group eventually concluded that exploring a reunion with The Episcopal Diocese of Texas was the most organic decision to make.
As a result of that recommendation, the Bishop of Texas reconvened the 173rd Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas on Thursday, June 9, and the diocese overwhelmingly voted to reunite with The Episcopal Church in North Texas. The purpose of the reconvening was expressly to vote on two resolutions: the first being, reuniting with The Episcopal Church in North Texas, and the other, authorizing a Bishop Assistant. Both were passed by the 220 Canonically Resident Clergy voting (over one-half of the clergy required for a quorum), and 310 of all other Lay Delegates voting. The number of all other Lay Delegates voting was equivalent to more than one person present from half of all diocesan congregations. The number of congregations represented by the Lay Delegates was 134. 

At that time, the Bishop of Texas, the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle said, “The people of the Diocese of Texas warmly welcome our siblings home. This reunification process is very exciting, and we are elated about the extraordinary possibilities that come with becoming part of this region of Texas. The Episcopal Church in North Texas will bring great perspectives and divine gifts to our diocese, and as one, we will reach and bring more people to God. At the end of the day, that is our purpose.”

Bishop Mayer issued a call for a Special Meeting of his Diocesan Convention on Saturday, June 18, at 10 a.m., for the sole purpose of voting on a reunification process with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. The Diocesan Convention unanimously voted in the affirmative. During his sermon at the opening of the meeting, Bishop Mayer said, “As for the journey, along the way this liberated diocese learned that God can, indeed, set a table in the wilderness. We learned about manna from heaven – learned about ‘daily bread.’ And, we ate the bread of angels.”

Today's action marked the final part of this process to make this reunification official. Bishop C. Andrew Doyle stated, "Today is a great day in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and now the work we have been called to do begins, and that is for us to reunite and do what God expects us to do. What an opportunity for us to engage our people in a much bigger, deeper way. We will become even more involved in sharing the Good News with so many more people, helping our neighbors, reaching the unchurched, and so much more. We now have closure in this process and will realize extraordinary outcomes. We know that we are better and stronger together and we are so excited." 

Bishop Mayer remarked,  "Today marks a new beginning for the resilient faithful people of North Texas. They already have been and are carrying out the work of bringing the Good News of our loving liberating God to this rapidly growing part of our country. We rejoice at this reunion with Texas, which brings new resources and new energies to our mutual work. We are better together."
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Founded in 1838 by the Episcopal Church as a mission to the people of Texas, the Diocese of Texas has been led continuously by the Holy Spirit to plant ministries and congregations to partner with and serve the wider community. Today the diocese spans more than 46,000 square miles and encompasses 57 counties. We are headquartered in historic downtown Houston with offices in Austin and Tyler. Led by the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, the ninth Bishop of Texas, the diocese is more than 400 clergy, 167 congregations, 70 missional communities, 22 campus missions, chaplaincies, foundations, institutions, and over 72,000 parishioners serving our neighbors. We embrace all people with mutual love and respect. We are one Church reconciled by Jesus Christ, joining God’s mission to reconcile others and build up the kingdom of God. 
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