Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Contact: Dan DeBauche, 702-241-2161, 
  Gutierrez Challenges Gallego to Return GEO Contributions

SAN ANTONIO, TX  - Last night at a Tejano Democrats Endorsement Meeting in San Antonio, Representative Roland Gutierrez called out Pete Gallego for accepting at least $5,000 from GEO Group, the private prison group running some of the detention centers housing separated toddlers.

"There is no middle ground on this issue," stated campaign manager Dan DeBauche. "Pete either stands with these families or he stands with GEO. Give back the money, Pete. Accept the challenge, donate the money to RAICES, and help us reunite these separated families."

After learning his campaign had received an unsolicited $250 contribution from GEO Group in the past, two weeks ago Roland  supported a fundraiser to help RAICES in its efforts to reunite immigrant families  and donated $350.

"Leadership means action and accountability,"  stated Roland Gutierrez. "No candidate should take contributions made possible through tearing apart families. I have donated funds I have received from GEO Group through the course of my public service, and call on Pete Gallego to do the same. As a professional politician, maybe Pete has lost touch to the point where he doesn't care about these kids. I hope he hasn't fallen that far."

In 2014, during his single term in Congress,   Gallego received $5,000 in donations from GEO Group , twice the amount given to Tea Party Texas Republican Congressmen John Carter and John Culberson.