April 17, 2019

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2019
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CHESAPEAKE – Members of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) will gather Thursday, April 18, 2019, to receive information and discuss topics to keep the region moving, safe from flooding, as well as a look at how the region's jurisdictions are working together to promote economic development.

Among the briefings the HRTPO will receive are: the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study; the Hampton Roads Regional Bridge Study; and the Economic Impacts of Bicycling Facilities. The HRPDC will receive briefings on the new regional flood insurance outreach campaign; regional project/planning efforts; and a regional success story, the Regional Construction Standards.

The meetings will be held at the Regional Board Room at 723 Woodlake Drive in Chesapeake, Virginia. The HRTPO meeting starts at 10:30am and the HRPDC meeting begins at 12:30pm .

Media will have an opportunity to gain comments or secure follow up interviews with the HRTPO and HRPDC boards and presenters.
The HRTPO will discuss the following topics during its April 2019 meeting:

  • Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study - VDOT staff will provide a briefing on the Bowers Hill Interchange Improvements Study.

  • Hampton Roads Regional Bridge Study- The HRTPO began analyzing factors impacting regional bridges in 2007. HRTPO staff will provide a briefing on the 2018 study, including potential concerns regarding the funding of bridge rehabilitations/replacements.

  • FY 2020 Draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) The UPWP describes the regional transportation planning work to be carried out in Hampton Roads by the HRTPO, VDOT, and local public transportation providers. HRTPO staff will present the draft UPWP for FY2020.

  • Economic Impacts of Bicycle Facilities - HRTPO staff will present Phase One of a study on the economic impacts of bicycle facilities. Phase One of the study uses existing data sources to examine a) key findings for studies of paths in other regions, and b) income,mode share, spending by visitors, bike shops, etc. in Hampton Roads, focusing on the primary tourist areas of the Historic Triangle and Virginia Beach.
The HRPDC will discuss the following topics during its April 2019 meeting:

  • Regional Flood Insurance Campaign With hurricane season fast approaching, HRPDC staff will provide an overview of the new flood insurance outreach campaign and website,

  • Regional Construction Standards Originally published in December 1999, the Regional Construction Standards are a unique example of long-term coordination that supports private industry by aligning standards across localities. The Standards provide for simplify construction and improve the quality of roads, utilities, and other right-of-way improvements built in the area.

  • Overview of Regional Project/Planning Efforts – HRPDC Executive Director, Bob Crum, will update the HRPDC on a series of regional infrastructure initiatives that have the potential to increase the economic competitiveness of the Hampton Roads region.
About the HRTPO and HRPDC: The HRTPO and HRPDC are regional organizations established to encourage and facilitate cooperation among local, state and federal governments and agencies to address, on a regional basis, problems or issues that transcend jurisdictional boundaries. Comprised of local elected officials and administration officials, and in the case of the HRTPO, state and federal government representatives, these two organizations serve the 1.7 million residents and the 17 jurisdictions of the Hampton Roads region regarding topics such as, Transportation, Economics, Emergency Management, Housing, Planning, and Water Resources.
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