May 15, 2019

For Immediate Release: May 15, 2019
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CHESAPEAKE – Members of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) will gather Thursday, May 16, 2019, to receive information and discuss topics of regional importance at their respective board meetings.

The board meetings will be held at the Regional Board Room at 723 Woodlake Drive in Chesapeake, Virginia. The HRTPO meeting starts at 10:30am and the HRPDC meeting begins at 12:30pm .

Media will have an opportunity to gain comments or secure follow up interviews with the HRTPO and HRPDC boards and presenters.
The HRTPO will discuss and take action accordingly on the following topics during its May 2019 meeting:

  • I-64 Regional Express Lanes - Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) staff will provide an update on the Hampton Roads Regional Express Lanes Operational Analysis study.The study is evaluating operational characteristics and efficiencies of three individual managed-lane implementations, as well as a proposed managed-lane network along I-64 from the vicinity of the Settlers Landing Road interchange in Hampton to the Bowers Hill interchange in Chesapeake. RECOMMENDED ACTION: For information and discussion only

  • Regional Connectors Study - HRTPO staff will brief the Board on a supplement to the Scope of Work, Schedule, and Budget for Phase 2 of the Study. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Approve the Regional Connectors Study Phase 2 Supplement Scope of Work, Schedule, and Budget and authorize the Executive Director to enter into a contract with the consultant

  • The State of Transportation in Hampton Roads – HRTPO staff will brief the Board on the latest State of Transportation report. The report details the current status of all facets of the transportation system in Hampton Roads, including air, rail, water, and highways. RECOMMENDED ACTION: For information and discussion only
The HRPDC will discuss the following topics during its May 2019 meeting:

  • Annual HRPDC Work Program FY2020 Annually, the HRPDC staff prepares the Work Program for the upcoming fiscal year. This document outlines the work activities that the HRPDC staff will undertake in support of the Commission and the member localities. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Approve the FY2020 HRPDC Work Program pending public review and comment

  • Regional Branding Initiative Regional group, Reinvent Hampton Roads, has raised funding to support the Regional Branding Initiative Project.The goal of this effort is to come together as a region to address these questions in a thoughtful, thorough and collaborative way through the Hampton Roads Regional Branding Initiative (RBI). RECOMMENDED ACTION: For information and discussion only

  • Regional Inventory of Coastal Resilience Projects The HRPDC Coastal Resiliency Committee endorsed the development of a regional inventory of local and regional coastal resiliency projects. Based on discussions with the Committee, the HRPDC staff has collected information from localities on resiliency projects, programs, and policies. To date, the database includes information on over 300 local projects.RECOMMENDED ACTION: For information and discussion only
NOTE: Both organizations will receive information regarding the Proposed FY2020 Operational Budget and will be asked to approve for FY 2020.
About the HRTPO and HRPDC: The HRTPO and HRPDC are regional organizations established to encourage and facilitate cooperation among local, state and federal governments and agencies to address, on a regional basis, problems or issues that transcend jurisdictional boundaries. Comprised of local elected officials and administration officials, and in the case of the HRTPO, state and federal government representatives, these two organizations serve the 1.7 million residents and the 17 jurisdictions of the Hampton Roads region regarding topics such as, Transportation, Economics, Emergency Management, Housing, Planning, and Water Resources.
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