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June 27, 2021

Hot Weather Pet Alert
& laws protecting companion animals
KITTANNING, PA, June 27, 2021 -- Summer has arrived and the temperature is expected to hit 90 this week.

Following are hot weather pet care tips, and laws that protect our companion animals.

* Dogs should not be left tied outside on hot days.

It is illegal to tether a dog outside longer than 30 minutes when the temperature rises above 90 degrees. (On other days, dogs may be tethered for a maximum of 9 hours a day.)

* Animals need plenty of clean water and be able to escape the heat with access to shade.
The law states that animals must have access to potable water at all times as well as clean and sanitary shelter to maintain body temperature.

* Pets should never be left in parked cars on warm days. On a hot summer day the inside of your car heats up very quickly. For example, the temperature can go from 85 degrees to 102 degrees Fahrenheit in only ten minutes - even with the windows cracked!

The Motor Vehicle Extreme Heat Protection Act empowers law enforcement officers to break into hot vehicles, remove and relocate animals, and fine owners.
* It is advised to leave pets at home when the temperatures soar. If it is warm but not too hot, dogs should be hydrated often on walks.

* Dogs should not be allowed to hang their heads out of moving vehicle windows, as rocks or tree limbs may hit pets, or the pet could lose his balance and fall out. 
* Pets should never ride in the back of pick-up trucks. A sudden turn or stop will throw the animal out of the vehicle.
* If a pet is overcome by heat exhaustion, cool him off with cold water and ice, and have a veterinarian check him as soon as possible.    

Learn how to report an animal concern or download a brochure on PA laws protecting animals by clicking the buttons, below.

The animals can not speak for themselves, and depend on you!            

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