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April 22, 2020
Contact: Wells Winegar, Dep. Administrator
Phone: 908-725-6300 ext. 5000
Mayor Moench Releases Statement in Response to Latest Advance Reality Action on Center of Excellence Site
Bridgewater, NJ - On Tuesday, April 21 st , parties on behalf of Advance Realty filed a Motion for Partial Summary Judgment to obtain final site plan approval for the grocery store and hotel at the Center of Excellence site in Bridgewater. Their goal is to do this without being required to submit additional documentation to the Bridgewater Planning Board or go back for an additional final site plan hearing.

Of this action Mayor Matthew Moench released the following statement:

β€œIn light of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is apparent, now more than ever, how important pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing is to our country. New Jersey, especially towns like Bridgewater, have been the bedrock of that industry. It is the time to step up as a community, as a state, and a country to revitalize those properties which can serve as the home for revitalizing and augmenting these industries. 

"The former Sanofi-Aventis site has been and would continue be an ideal location for this kind of critical activity. It is time for the developer to consider what is in the best interests of Bridgewater, New Jersey and the Country by working with us to create a plan that protects this vital resource and puts it to work for all of our collective interests. 

"Instead, the Developer continues to try to force upon us a site plan the community does not want. They are seeking to circumvent the land use process to get the supermarket that they want as opposed to one the community can accept after thorough and proper Planning Board review. The landscape has changed dramatically since the redevelopment plan was first conceived and I ask the developer to work with us on a new plan that looks at and fits the needs of our community today.”

The response to the motion is due on May 5 th and a decision is expected approximately one month from that date.