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National Association of Black Accountants Statement on the Alton Sterling case in Louisiana and Racism in America  
Greenbelt, MD, March 30, 2018 - The decision this week by Louisiana's attorney general to not bring charges against the police officers responsible for the death of Alton Sterling bears further witness to the troubling state of race relations in the United States. Sterling's death comes as the country continues to wrestle with deeply conflicted issues of race and social injustice in American society. It has become particularly evident in the last few years, with regrettable deaths in places like Sacramento, Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, Orlando, and Baltimore.

At the center of this is the realization that racism and injustice remain deeply embedded in America and influence daily conversations among individuals and organizations. This pervasiveness has been reported and debated extensively. But progress has been slow.

Our nation remains challenged at intervening in or transcending this deeply rooted and historical problem. At this time of great grief among the victimized families and communities, the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) expresses its deepest sympathy. NABA calls on our nation to further commit itself to examining how society may eradicate racism and bigotry, how to educate people about issues of race and social injustice, and how mutual respect for all people can be embedded in our personal and professional interactions.

Additionally, it is paramount that workplaces, communities and schools receive the resources they need to provide its people with meaningful opportunities to build their capacities for empathy and acceptance. It will take a coordinated national effort to ensure that future generations are not beset by tragedies like the ones we have recently endured.

NABA takes its own responsibility seriously. As an organization that serves the interests of more than 200,000 black professionals in accounting and finance, NABA will call upon its members and partners to contribute to the solutions and conversations that are a vital part of eliminating racism and social injustices in our nation.


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