Flood decimates small shelter
Animals evacuated 
Orphans of the Storm
PO Box 838
Kittanning, PA 16201
Flood Images
Flood waters inside shelter.
Hose Company 6 assisted. 
Animals carried to safety. 
Crooked Creek Horse Park took in the homeless pets. 
Dogs were made as comfortable as possible.
Cars lined up with donations.
The public's generosity was overwhelming.  
For immediate release 
March 29, 2020 
Media contact:
Bethann Galbraith
Shelter Manager 
Orphans of the Storm decimated by flood
Animals evacuated safely
KITTANNING, PA -- Flood waters once again rushed through the kennels of Orphans of the Storm (OOTS), located in Rayburn Twp., Kittanning, Pa.

The shelter was completely devastated and lost much of what it had in the building, including most of its cat food.
Local first responders from Hose Company 6 quickly arrived at the shelter to help.

Shelter staff and volunteers evacuated the animals, carrying them carefully through knee-deep floodwaters.
The animals were taken to Crooked Creek Horse Park located in Manor Township. 

Once word got out, vehicles lined up and a steady stream of vehicles entered the Crooked Creek Horse Park to donate dog food, water, blankets and other needed items.
"People have to be so careful with the virus and are taking so many precautions to do social distancing, this generosity and response is simply overwhelming," said one staff member, through tears.
The evacuated animals were made as comfortable as possible in the temporary shelter.
OOTS hopes to have its building ready for the animals to return in a few days.
People are calling and emailing, wanting to know what they can do.  
"We know so many are struggling right now and there is such uncertainty about the future, we hate to ask for help," said Bethann Galbraith, shelter manager.
However, if people are able to, and want to help, they can make a donation of any amount to the shelter's Paypal account. 
Regular shelter updates are available at the shelter's website and Facebook page.  
Another Flood 
Click above for video of yesterday's flood and evacuation. 
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