July 28, 2022

Media Contact: Bryan Piligra


Sen. Jen Kiggans Demands Rep. Elaine Luria Sell Off Millions In Chip Stock Holdings After Vote To Provide Billions In Subsidies To Boost Chip Manufacturing

Rep. Luria owns up to $25 million of stocks in Nvidia Corporation, a holding which has increased up to 400% since she disclosed the stock.

Virginia Beach, VA — Sen. Jen Kiggans, Republican candidate for Virginia’s Second Congressional District, is calling on Rep. Elaine Luria to sell her millions of dollars in Nvidia Corporation stock after her vote to provide $52 billion in subsidies to boost the semiconductor industry. Rep. Luria’s holdings in Nvidia Corporation has increased up to 400% since she initially disclosed her ownership of up to $5 million in the stock. 

“Elaine Luria’s vote to provide billions of dollars in subsidies for an industry in which she owns up to $25 million in stocks would be unethical, self-serving, and the latest example of how she will put her bottom line ahead of her constituents’ well-being” said Sen. Jen Kiggans. “Instead of reforming Washington like she promised on the campaign trail, Elaine has spent her time in Washington playing political games, voting with Nancy Pelosi over 95% of the time, and flip-flopping on everything from accepting corporate PAC donations to raising the minimum wage. If Elaine is serious about reforming Washington, she should lead by example and immediately sell her stocks in the Nvidia Corporation after her vote.”

Sen. Kiggans’ call for Rep. Luria to sell her stocks comes after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband sold up to $5 million worth of chipmaker stock ahead of semiconductor bill vote. In February, Rep. Luria called a proposed ban on stock trades for Members of Congress 'bull s--' — a deeply out-of-touch outburst that her own staff called “tone deaf” and “goofy.” Especially considering Rep. Luria is one of Congress’ biggest traders of Chinese stocks, including Nvidia Corporation, a company which has subsidiaries in China.

Sen. Kiggans added: “Elaine Luria has used her power to enrich herself by tens of millions of dollars since taking office. But while she has been busy raking in millions, Virginians have been battling an economic recession, 40-year high inflation, and crippling supply-chain and labor shortages. November 8th can’t come soon enough.”

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