PRESS RELEASE: The East-West Center Launches Second Class of the U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia Fellowship
Six fellows from the U.S., Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines attended their first program at Tama University's Center for Rule-making Strategies.
Left/Top: (L-R) CRS Visiting Professor Mr. Akira Igata, Mark Bryan Manantan, Dr. Pon Souvannaseng, Kensuke Yanagida, Ryuko Sugimoto, Jeffrey D. Bean, and EWCW Programs Coordinator Mrs. Sarah Wang
Right/Bottom: William "Whit" Lloyd (Left) with Mr. John West, Executive Director of the Asian Century Institute (Right)
TOKYO, JAPAN (February 6, 2020) - The East-West Center in Washington (EWCW), in collaboration with the Center for Rule-making Strategies (CRS) at Tama University, kicked off the second class of the U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia Fellowship. Six fellows from the U.S., Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines attended their first program at CRS, where they were greeted by CRS Visiting Professor Mr. Akira Igata. This event kicks off two months of activities as the fellows travel throughout Japan and the Washington D.C.-area to conduct research through participation in high-level meetings, workshops, and seminars. This year's cohort includes:

  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Bean, Editor, Asia Policy Blog, CogitAsia, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). Research topic: Blood, Sweat, and Silicon: Framing the U.S.-Japan Response to Semiconductor Supply Chain Disruptions by Exploring Partnerships with Southeast Asia.
  • Mr. William "Whit" Lloyd, Master’s candidate, Johns Hopkins SAIS. Research topic: Strengthening the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
  • Mr. Mark Bryan Manantan, Research Fellow, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, National Chengchi University, & Young Leader’s Fellow, Pacific Forum. Research topic: Building a Data Governance Model for Southeast Asia: The 3C Approach.
  • Dr. Pon Souvannaseng, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Centre for Crisis Studies & Mitigation, University of Manchester. Research topic: ‘On Equal Footing’ – Examining the Role of Japan & the US in Harmonizing ASEAN Financial Regulatory Space Through the Adoption of Best Practice Social & Environmental Safeguards in the Banking & Export Finance Sector.
  • Mr. Kensuke Yanagida, Research Fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA). Research topic: Towards a Policy Framework Promoting a Quality Infrastructure Partnership in the Indo-Pacific: Beyond Sub-Regional Cooperation.
  • Ms. Ryuko Sugimoto, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, The Diamond. Research topic: The History of Industry Regulates the Future: What do Companies Emphasize in Building New Electronics Industry Supply Chains in Southeast Asia?

The U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia Fellowship is generously funded by The Japan Foundation and the U.S. Embassy Tokyo. The fellows will be conducting research answering the thematic question: how should the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia collaborate on trade, investment, and economic integration in Southeast Asia? The fellowship aims to expand existing academic and policy networks by bringing together experts from these regions to generate innovative policy ideas linked to a trilateral relationship of growing importance.

“By bringing together rising professionals and experts from the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia together for research, education, and exchange activities, the program seeks to build a cohort that has better mutual appreciation for opportunities to collaborate across a range of disciplines and policy-relevant issues,” said Dr. Limaye. “Each fellow's individual work theme will be informed by their cohort's perspectives and topics as well as officials and experts from the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia. We are grateful to the Japan Foundation and the U.S. Embassy Tokyo for funding.”

“Research fellows have arrived in Tokyo to begin their Japan portion of the U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia Fellowship today,” said Professor Igata. “They will engage in closed roundtable discussions with relevant experts from the academia, bureaucracy, media, private sector, and think tanks to further their research in Japan throughout the month of February. I hope that they will use this opportunity not only to write a solid research paper, but also to expand their network and enjoy everything that Japan has to offer.”

The U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia Fellowship is a two-year program with the first and second classes of fellows convening in the winters of 2019 and 2020, respectively. At the conclusion of the program, fellows from both classes will present their research at a capstone conference in Singapore at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute to engage the academic and policy communities.
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For more information on the U.S.-Japan-Southeast Asia Partnership in a Dynamic Asia fellowship, please visit our website or contact Mrs. Sarah Wang at (202) 327-9755 or [email protected] . For media inquiries, please contact Michele Helen Reyes at (202) 327-9758 or [email protected] .