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Woodland Park School District Announces Video 
Honoring Veterans on Veteran’s Day

WOODLAND PARK, CO - November 10, 2021--The Woodland Park School District recently announced that a new video, which salutes veterans on Veteran’s Day, is now available to the public for viewing online at https://youtu.be/A3Pafu6OapY.

This two-minute video is set to inspirational music and features District students writing on a white board about ‘What does a Veteran mean to me’. It also includes photos of District employees who are also veterans. Students share words like ‘hero’, ‘Dad’, ‘leader of hope’ and ‘superstar’.

“This video was created to show our sincere respect for veterans across Teller County including those District employees who have served in the armed forces. They have honorably served our nation with great distinction.” said Dr. Mathew Neal, Woodland Park School District Superintendent. “As we honor our veterans and remember their great deeds, let us also salute those who are currently fighting for our freedom. And we can never say it enough - thank you.”

About Woodland Park School District Re-2:
A Place of Becoming. Mission: Together, we embrace a culture where all learners are empowered to pursue intellectual, personal, and collective excellence. Woodland Park School District Re-2, 155 Panther Way, Woodland Park, CO 80863. Phone: (719) 686-2000. Learn more at wpsdk12.org.

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