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Women Entrepreneurs Earn C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification

C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative is proud to announce South Bend's
newest certified women entrepreneurs.
South Bend, IN 12/14/2020: On November 19th, 2020 twelve (12) women graduated from the inaugural class of C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence course with them nine (9) women entrepreneurs from Saint Joseph County received the 1st C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification.

C2YHWI Women’s Entrepreneur Excellence Certification is achieved by actively participating in the mentoring process, following a rigorous 11-month course study, quarterly business performance review process examining components deemed critical to achieving business goals and objectives, business success, key conceptual knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles based on best practices. 

"Cindy Cohen is changing lives not only for the women in our community, but nationally and internationally because we have a women entrepreneur mentoring platform. I am proud of what we have accomplished for hundreds of women entrepreneurs" says Vida Harley, Women Entrepreneurs Matter and new graduate of the C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification program.
Graduates proudly display this seal on their websites.
The following women entrepreneur business owners received the C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification:

Gwendolyn Knowlton – Healing Speaks, Neuro and Trauma Coach
LeAnne Clifton – Tre Jolie Mobile Salon
Laquisha Jackson – Soulful Kitchen, Hope for the Hungry Inc. (nonprofit)
LaShonda Stewart – LaShonda’s Soul Food Catering
Paula Spart – Paula’s Creative Designs
Tiffany Klemm – GETGO Get Excited to Get Organized
Traci Winston Williams – Unique Boutique International LLC. H.O.T. Hear Our Tears Inc. (nonprofit)
Vida Harley – Vida Harley Financial Services. Women Entrepreneurs Matter Inc. (nonprofit)
Ylonda Scott – Ylonda’s Womenpreneurs Breaking Barriers
“Certification is important because it validates the business owner’s high-level of expertise, increases credibility, confidence and establishes trust. Certification demonstrates to those around you that the business owner can set goals and achieve objectives, secured a successful business model, is set up for business resilience—the business owner can be trusted to go the distance for their customers and clients" says Cindy Cohen, President, C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative Inc. creator of C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course and Certification program. 
The 2012 U.S. Census reported women entrepreneurs consist of 39% U.S., 37% Indiana, 2% in Saint Joseph County, (Indiana) 3% Elkhart County (Indiana) and 2% Berrien County (Michigan). reported 70% of women owned businesses fail due to lack of mentoring, lack of role models, lack of business resources or not knowing where to find them, and lack of confidence.

According to Cohen, in 2020 the C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative Inc. women entrepreneur mentoring program was born from this need launching the 1st women entrepreneur mentoring program in Saint Joseph County thanks to their community partner 1st Source Bank.

C2YHWI mentoring group has helped me grow my for-profit business and start my non-profit business. I have cultivated new business relationships and gained more knowledge that will help both businesses becoming more successful.” says Laquisha Jackson, Soulful Kitchen, Hope for the Hungry and new graduate of the C2YHWI Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course and Certification program.

The minimum class requirements are 22 hours of class online and offline (when possible), individual and group entrepreneur business mentoring, business performance continuous improvement evaluations during the 11 months during December 2019 – November 2020. 

Registration is open for 2021 mentoring online class.

To learn more about women entrepreneur mentoring, course and / certification contact, voicemail 800-245-8917 or C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative Inc. website

About C2 Your Health Women Initiative Entrepreneur Mentoring
In 2018 C2YHWI created the Women's Entrepreneur Summit bringing together 119 aspiring, new startups, struggling, and successful women entrepreneurs all seeking mentors, business resources, confidence building activities and inspiration which is now an annual event. Supporting the women entrepreneur grass roots movement partnering in celebration with Women Entrepreneurship Day Organization Ambassador program and community business partners such as 1st Source Bank, Teachers Credit Union, and Chemical Bank and local women entrepreneurs. 2019 a 11-month women entrepreneur mentoring program was created by Cindy Cohen. In 2020 the Women Entrepreneur Excellence Course was developed and the Women Entrepreneur Excellence Certification program was established. 2020 the Women Move Forward Initiative was created through a partnership with The Pokagon Fund, H.O.T. Hear Our Tears and C2 Your Health Women's Initiative to help women in domestic violence, and survivors transition to economic security through entrepreneurship.  Kish Photos with Faces of Life Women Entrepreneur Series supports the women mentoring scholarship program.

About C2 Your Health Women's Initiative Inc. 501(c)(3)
Founder, President
C2 Your Health Women’s Initiative Inc. (501c3) is a mission driven organization providing entrepreneur business support to high school seniors, college women and women from low income neighborhoods, from all walks of life, including diverse ethnic, educational backgrounds.

C2YHWI launched in June 2018 by Cindy Cohen Founder and President, with the Board of Directors. The kickoff fundraiser was Women's Entrepreneur Summit in 2018, Women Entrepreneur Pajama Party Interviews, Women Entrepreneur Hub, Community Women Entrepreneur Advisory Board monthly gatherings, women entrepreneur mentoring.