Download the Conference App Today!
The Planning Committee is pleased to announce the availability of the PRIA Winter Symposium mobile application (app) for use in Austin.
What does this mean for conference attendees?

  • Find all scheduling information, including session days, times and descriptions.
  • Review bios and pictures for all presenters and panelists.
  • See which companies are sponsoring.
  • Check the registration list to see who is attending the Winter Symposium. You will need to download and “join” the app to access this feature. 
  • Scan into all sessions you are attending by using the conference app. No need for paper sign-in sheets in Austin.
  • Learn about real-time changes to the schedule or a session relocation right from your phone or other mobile device.

About the only thing our conference app WON’T do is book your dinner reservations at one of Austin's award-winning restaurants. Not to worry, there is a list of selected restaurants on the Winter Symposium page of the website, which includes phone numbers.
If you have a mobile device, you have access to PRIA’s Winter Symposium app. It’s user-friendly, but you might want to give it a test run before you arrive in Austin. 

The app is continually being updated as new information is received.
If you are reading this on your mobile device, tap the store below to download. The buttons below are linked directly to the app .
If you are not reading this on your mobile device, follow these instructions:
Visit and select the appropriate app store. The link will open the app in the store and you won't have to search for it.
  • Download the app; open.
  • You will be prompted to enter the app code. Type: “PRIA20WS” and submit.
  • The next screen will be the 2020 Winter Symposium app menu.
  • In order to check in, you will need to create an account.
STEP 1: Tap the green pencil and paper icon at the top right.
STEP 2: Select the "New Attendee" option at the bottom left.
STEP 3: Fill in the requested information and tap "next". You will be sent an email with a pin for validation. Put in the pin in your email and then...
Explore the app!
The app is being update reuglat
Winter Symposium Sponsors
as of February 14, 2020