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Volume 108, 
mid-February 2015



Submit an Application for the Ernst Recognition Award for 2015
Are you a recorder or business person interested in joining the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA)? Perhaps you'd like to take the plunge but you just can't find the money in your budget. If this sounds like you, then read on.


You can apply for a scholarship for a one-year membership in PRIA, along with registration for one PRIA conference (Annual 2015 or Winter 2016).


The Carl Ernst Recognition Award is available for one government and one business organization that meets the basic criteria. Each scholarship recipient will be selected by a committee based on outstanding contributions to the property records industry, and will be deemed eligible in one or more of the following ways:  

  • The recipients are not currently PRIA Members.
  • The recipients have demonstrated exceptional accomplishment in their chosen field.
  • The recipients have demonstrated exceptional service in local, state or national affairs.
  • The recipients have demonstrated exceptional service consistent with the mission and continued excellence of PRIA.

Each award is valued at $2,000. Click here for an application form and then forward that application to a colleague in another county or business that meets the award criteria.



News from PREP Chapters


In every edition of the PREP Newsletter, we highlight at least one PREP Chapter and post an abbreviated version of their most recent Chapter Meeting minutes.  You can also see what any of the PREP Chapters are talking about by going to PRIA's PREP Chapters webpage.  


Co-Chairs:  Government, Kelly Callahan at and Business, Jim Ohly at  


The SE Minnesota PREP Chapter met on February 11, 2015. The agenda included information for newcomers about PRIA and PREP, Mobile Home transactions and the Notice of Surrender and Affidavit of Affixation, the "Safe at Home" law, notary updates from Olmsted County Vital Records, discussion about payment of filing fees for Well Disclosures, and county and title agent updates.  The next meeting for this PREP Chapter will be on May 6, 2015. (Click here to read SE Minnesota PREP Chapter's minutes/agendas.)


CA Notary Certificate Violations Cause for Rejection   
excerpted from NNA Notary Bulletin 2/6/15

County recorders in California are taking seriously the new law requiring notarial certificates to contain a consumer notice, and even technical mistakes are cause for rejection. This was illustrated recently when officials with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office reported receiving documents with the new wording in the wrong location - and those documents will be rejected.


As of January 1, 2015 all California acknowledgments, jurats and proofs of execution were required to include the consumer notice, which must be in a box located before the venue.


"We're seeing county recorders examine notarial certificates very carefully, and anything deemed to be out of compliance with the new law is cause for rejection," said Bill Anderson, the NNA's Vice President of Legislative Affairs. "The L.A. Recorder's office flagged these documents because the consumer notice was in the wrong place." (Read complete article.)



Ellie Mae Joins ESRA To Promote eSignatures
excerpted from MortgageOrb 1/29/15

With the introduction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new integrated disclosures going into effect this August, plus the significant advancements in eDocument, eSignature, eDelivery and eVaulting solutions in recent years, it would appear that the mortgage banking industry is poised to see significant adoption of eMortgage technology in 2015.

As such, Ellie Mae, a provider of mortgage origination software, is working with the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) to promote adoption of eSignatures in the mortgage industry.

The company announced that it has joined ESRA, which was founded in 2006 to educate businesses and the public about the legal, public policy, regulatory and operational issues involved with using electronic signatures and records.

"Digital signatures and electronic closings are a vital part of Ellie Mae's mission to bring efficiency, loan quality and compliance to the mortgage industry," says Joe Tyrrell, senior vice president of corporate strategy for Ellie Mae, in a release. "By collaborating with ESRA and drawing on their expertise - as well as sharing our own experiences - we will all move much closer toward industry-wide acceptance of electronic signatures." (Read complete article.)


Three Predictions About Mortgage Affordability in 2015
excerpted from MetroTrends 2/2/15

On January 22, 2015, the Urban Institute's Housing Finance Policy Center and CoreLogic co-hosted a seminar titled Mortgage Insurance: Premiums, Capital, and Accessibility. With Faith Schwartz of CoreLogic moderating, a panel of four experts from the government, private, and non-profit sectors addressed a range of issues related to mortgage insurance.

Three general predictions emerged during the discussion: recently proposed rules won't raise mortgage insurance prices significantly, there is room to reduce the GSE guarantee fees, and whatever happens in coming months, borrowers are likely to benefit. (Read complete article.)


Simplifile's Matthew Hailstone Receives MISMO's Contributor Recognition Award

The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) announced the winners of its 2015 Contributor Recognition Awards at the annual Winter Summit in San Antonio, presenting Matthew Hailstone, a senior software developer at Simplifile, with both the MISMO Standards Champion Award and the MISMO Outstanding Contributor Award.
"Matthew tirelessly works to advance the MISMO standards and is vested in listening to the perspectives of different stakeholders, ranging from business to technical, vendor to lender or servicer, and then disseminating the feedback to various MISMO workgroups and leadership," said MISMO Vice President and Mortgage Bankers Association Director of Industry Standards Jan Davis. "He brings outstanding technical expertise and a passion for standards to the table every day."

According to Davis, the Standards Champion Award recognizes individuals who made the most substantial contributions towards advancing the MISMO standards during the 2014 calendar year as selected by the members of the MISMO Residential Standards Governance Committee. The Outstanding Contributor Award is presented from the MISMO staff to the person or people who stood out over the course of the past year with their organization-wide efforts. (Read complete PRIA press release.)

CSC Adds New Counties in Three Different States
excerpted from 1/30/15

Dukes County, MA, Frontier County, NE and Meeker County, MN are now electronically recording real estate documents through Corporation Service Company� (CSC�). Any document submitter with a computer, Internet connection and scanner/printer can now eRecord real estate documents in Dukes, Frontier and Meeker counties through CSC. (Read complete article.) 


ALTA NEWS:  ALTA Urges CFPB to Improve Consumer Complaint Portal          


The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has submitted a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) encouraging the Bureau to modify the type of information that will be collected from companies for its consumer complaint database.


"ALTA supports the goals of the consumer complaint database by enabling companies to resolve issues quickly and efficiently," said Michelle Korsmo, ALTA's chief executive officer. "ALTA believes the portal may help businesses respond more quickly to complaints by ensuring that all necessary software and security protocols are already in place before a complaint is even received."


In December, the CFPB published a notice in the Federal Register indicating it is developing a form to allow companies to "proactively participate" in its online portal for viewing and responding to consumer complaints. According to the notice, the CFPB's "Company Portal Boarding Form" will streamline the collection of information from companies seeking to register to use the company portal. (Read complete article.)


Links to National News

CNN Money | February 6, 2015
Nearly one in four homes in foreclosure at the end of January were already abandoned by the owner before being repossessed, a recent RealtyTrac report found.

Docusign: Just Sign Here Electronically
The Washington Post | February 7, 2015
The app lets you save your signature to sign as many documents as you want.

More Consumers Show Optimism Toward Housing Market: Fannie
HousingWire | February 9, 2015
Fannie Mae's January 2015 National Housing Survey reported that the share of respondents who said their household income is significantly higher than it was 12 months ago grew 4 percentage points to 29%, and the share expecting their personal financial situation to improve over the net year increased to 48%, both all-time survey highs.

Regulator's Mortgage-Comparison Site Is Criticized by Lenders
The Wall Street Journal | February 9, 2015
A regulator's Internet tool to help consumers find good deals on mortgages is under fire from lenders, who say it paints an unrealistic picture of the interest rates available to borrowers.

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