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Volume 107, 
January 2015



Come to PRIA's Winter Symposium and Learn What GIS Can Do for Your Office

Are you aware of what GIS could do for your office?  


At PRIA's Winter Symposium in February you can attend GIS 101 on Thursday, February 19, which will be a general session that will look at how GIS and Land Records are being integrated around the country.  Who are the stakeholders that care about GIS integration with land records?  They are realtors, businesses, financial institutions, title companies, assessors and your constituents.  In this session you'll learn about how the pieces connect together and how easy it can be to integrate land records with GIS.


GIS 201 is a second session on Friday, February 20, that will look at the technology of GIS. Consider the possibility of a GIS interface with PRIA's XML standards.  Details of actual key/index usage will demonstrate the integration.  How do land records convert to GIS? The session will consider the significance of multiple land record types, which may be often ignored in GIS.


To register for the PRIA Winter Symposium, visit



News from PREP Chapters


In every edition of the PREP Newsletter, we highlight at least one PREP Chapter and post an abbreviated version of their most recent Chapter Meeting minutes.  You can also see what any of the PREP Chapters are talking about by going to PRIA's PREP Chapters webpage.  


Co-Chairs:  Government, Timi Bailey, and Business, Darlene Missler,   


The Metro Minnesota PREP Chapter last met on November 18, 2014. Primary items on the agenda included updates from the ERERC (statewide electronic recording system) including a revision of the submitters guide to be released in early 2015, an update from the Minnesota Land Title Association regarding counties unwilling to eRecord, discussion regarding tax liens, legislative impacts regarding the filing of UCCs, and several county reports on eRecording stats and new recording software vendor changes. This Chapter will meet again on February 12, 2015. (To read minutes from this meeting, go to PRIA's PREP Chapters webpage.)


Get Involved in a Working Session at PRIA's Winter Symposium  

On Thursday, February 19, there are two different time slots for multiple working sessions.  Work Group sessions provide an opportunity for members to engage face-to-face in the process of setting standards, developing best practices and writing white papers that impact the land records industry.


From 9-10:30 a.m., you can choose to attend the eRecording Best Practices session which will be looking at the recently completed draft of "eRecording Best Practices for Recorders."  In addition, eNotary will be the subject of a working session that began in Long Beach and continues with efforts to draft a "beginners guide" to help counties and states understand eNotarization.


The Business Requirements Work Group has recently begun work on its newest project to develop best practices for land records management systems.  Work will continue during this session.


From 4-5 p.m. (or 5:30 p.m.), on Thursday afternoon, there will be four sessions from which to select.  For those interested in starting or jump-starting a PREP Chapter, there will be a how-to session.  The Archival, Backup and Disaster Recovery Work Group is working on a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for recorders which will be the focus of this session.


PRIA's work on Indexing Standards has been through several iterations and has posted twice for public comment.  This working session will endeavor to consider the final questions with which the working group has been grappling.


The technology session for the XML Work Group will extend for 90 minutes allowing ample time to work on final updates to the iGuide. The iGuide describes how to utilize the Version 3 Reference Model to create documents that can be electronically recorded.


Committee or work group membership is not required to attend these working meetings. You can listen or talk...the choice is yours.  And if you haven't registered yet for the PRIA Winter Symposium, you can do it here



Barclays Launches Smartphone Document Scanning App for Mortgage Brokers
excerpted from TechWorld 1/19/15

Barclays is helping its mortgage brokers save time uploading submission documents when on the move, with a new system that allows customers' details to be scanned using smartphone and tablet cameras.


In what the company describes as a first for a UK bank, the Scan and Attach service means that images of house-buyers' documents can be uploaded directly to an online repository where they are available for view by staff.


With brokers often meeting clients at their homes, this makes it easier to conduct their business and process mortgage applications more quickly. It will also remove any uncertainty over whether documents have been received, with historic information quickly available to staff. Meanwhile, a header-sheet previously used by brokers to confirm that documents are originals has been replaced by a tick box, further speeding the application process. (Read complete article.) 


Housing Continues to Heal, but Things are Far From 'Normal'
excerpted from ServicingManagement 1/20/15

Foreclosures continue to remain at elevated levels despite coming down almost 31% nationally from October 2013. The five states with the highest number of completed foreclosures in the previous year - Georgia, California, Florida, Michigan and Texas - also top the list for foreclosures over the previous seven years. These states combined make up almost 50% of the total 6.6 million foreclosures completed nationwide since January 2007 through the end of the third quarter of 2014.

The apex of the foreclosure inventory was reached in January 2010 - a year and three months after the unemployment rate peaked nationally at 10%. Though the downturn through 2010 was geographically indiscriminate, jurisdictional boundaries played a significant role in the pace of the recovery. States designed their own mediation and "hardest-hit fund" programs and legislated new consumer protection laws that were overlaid with federal programs and 49 state attorneys general settlement terms. (Read complete article.)


PAN Recognized by Pennsylvania Legislature

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has passed a resolution commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN).  PAN is a professional organization of notaries publicly founded in 1955 as the nation's first notary association. 


PAN promotes the professional development of its members through education, training, customer service and advocacy.


The president of PAN is Marc L. Aronson, former PRIA board member and current co-chair of the eNotary Work Group. 


Indecomm Learning Division Wins Brandon Hall 2014 Award
for Excellence in Technology

Indecomm Global Services, a long-time PRIA Business member and a leader in business process outsourcing, learning, and technology solutions, is pleased to announce that its Learning Division has chalked up another win in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards. It was awarded a Silver Award, in the category of 2014 Winners Learning & Development Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology, for its RapideL Tool, a content authoring technology.  (Read more on PRIA's press release webpage.)


ALTA NEWS:  CFPB Finalizes Interest Rate Lock and Construction Loan Rules         

excerpted from the January 26, 2015 ALTA Advocacy Update by Michelle Korsmo, ALTA CEO


"Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized minor changes to the Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule to address when consumers will receive updated disclosures upon locking in an interest rate, and how consumers will receive information regarding certain construction loans.



"The original rule required the creditor to issue a revised Loan Estimate on the day the consumer locked in a floating interest rate, requiring the consumer to lock in the rate during early business hours. The finalized rule requires creditors to provide consumers with a revised Loan Estimate within three business days of the consumer locking in an interest rate, allowing consumers greater flexibility in when they lock in their rates.


"The Bureau also finalized the rule for new home construction loans, allowing space on the Loan Estimate form for creditors to include language informing consumers that they may receive a revised Loan Estimate for a construction loan expected to take more than 60 days to settle. This change was implemented to address the fact that construction loans for new homes often take longer to settle than other types of loans, causing the estimated charges to change."


Links to National News

Housing-market Headwinds Impede Recovery
The Chicago Tribune | January 26, 2015
U.S. housing activity remains weak despite six years of federal government aid, strong interest from overseas buyers, rock-bottom interest rates and massive purchases of mortgage bonds by the Federal Reserve.

Is Real Estate Missing a $100 Billion Opportunity?
Inman News | January 26, 2015
In the last three years, a new class of homeowner entered our business. They are the largest in history, and they represent the beginning of something much more important to come.

HousingWire | January 26, 2015
Lenders are quick to agree with Fannie Mae's Lender Sentiment Survey that the lending market is not only doing well, but should see growth as we enter into the spring home-buying season.

Home Prices Now 10% off June 2006 Peak: Black Knight
HousingWire | January 26, 2015
The Jacksonville, Fla.-based analytic firm's Home Price Index report revealed values were up 0.1% in November compared to the previous month. Furthermore, home prices have increased 4.5% from last November.

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