Updates for the week of June 7th!
  • Actions We Can Take as Settlers; Talking to Kids About Residential Schools.
  • Just in Time for PRIDE: a Glossary of Terms from the 519!!
  • Family Science Fridays on Instagram and YouTube: Seeds and Fruit!
  • More Science: Create A Walking Water Rainbow! Take a Blindfolded Taste Test!
  • All Our Live Programming in a Single Graphic!
  • Launching Playlists for PRIDE and Indigeneity!
  • Easy Links to Playlists and our Social Media Platforms
  • Stories, Songs, Activities: YouTube links from last week!
  • Content Coming This Week!
  • Now That Stay at Home Has Ended...
  • AGM Follow Up: Links to our Annual Report and 2020 Audit
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Take Action, Settlers.

The remains of 215 Indigenous children killed in a Residential School in B.C. were found in May 2021, with thousands more still unaccounted for. Over seven generations of Indigenous people continue to feel effects of personal and intergenerational trauma to this day. This is not just a historical issue; it is also a current issue.

Non-Indigenous folk who live in Canada benefit from the colonialism that happened here. That means we are all responsible for our personal role in reconciliation.

Just in Time for PRIDE!
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The 519’s Glossary of Terms, facilitating shared understandings around equity, diversity, inclusion and awareness.
Family Science Fridays!
Join Lisa on Fridays on Instagram for our eight week Family Science series!

Last week: Lisa's silly device was sideways, but I think we can follow along anyway! She showed us the seeds in different kinds of fruit!

This week: Magnets!

Check out these other cool science activities: Create a walking water rainbow using the forces of cohesion, adhesion and gravity. Conduct a taste experiment - blindfolded! Click on the photos to link to instructions!
Check out Science at Home at the Ontario Science Centre!
Science! Yoga! Music! Puppets! Art! Bedtime!
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Make a butterfly from a Ziploc bag with Rashida!
Potato Stamps with Lisa!
Farm Yoga Poses with Gecy!
Playing Air Instruments and Instrument Guessing Games with Bailie!
Read I Love You For You by Karen Wagner, with Clio!
Anna reads The Great Indoors by Julie Falatko!
Rashida reads Llama, Llama Meets the Baby Sitter by Anne Dewdney!
Lisa reads Ten Tiny Toes and Baby Loves Fall!
Anna reads At the Firehouse by Anna Rockwell!
Rashida reads Hugs? by Charlene Chua!
Read I Love You For You by Karen Wagner, with Clio!
Rashida reads I am Canada by Heather Patterson!
Anna reads The Umbrella Party by Janet Lunn!
Make a Pop Up Heart Card with Anna!
In Bengali, Rashida talks about Sex Education for children!
Coming Up This Week!
  • The Story of James by David McPhail
  • Lucy & Lila by Alison Fletcher
  • The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson
  • Astronauts Training by Aneta Cruz
  • Sumu's First Day of School Ever by Soyung Pak
  • Bilal Cooks Daal by Aisha Saeed
Songs & Activities:
  • Make a Moving Paper Snake!
  • Bengali Story Time: When Tusi's Teeth Fell Out
  • All Around Our World: Egypt!
  • Family Science: Magnets!
  • Make a Suncatcher!
As the Stay at Home Order Ends...
A group of adults and children stand outside a building next to a table with books on it
This isn't an "official" update, just sharing some wishful thinking that we'll be seeing each other in person soon.

We haven't heard anything about when in-person programming, even outdoors, can begin again. In the coming weeks, we hope to shift away from virtual drop-in in the mornings and schedule short outdoor visits at Kimbourne for the purpose of giving away books from the Children's Book Bank, saying hello and seeing all your beautiful faces!

As soon as we are ready to receive outdoor book distribution visits, you'll hear about it here, so stay tuned!

Virtual Drop-in will remain available by appointment to anyone who still wants it.
Did you miss our AGM?
Our virtual Annual General Meeting was May 29th. We thank all who attended! See our Annual Report and 2020 Audited Financial Statements.

We are still recruiting new board members!
East End Children's Centre's (EECC) Board of Directors is the official operator of EECC, and makes key decisions on programming, planning, operations, governance, fundraising and finances, among other topics. EECC stays community driven because local parents, grandparents, caregivers and other key community members volunteer to serve.Learn more about our board recruitment and email us at eecc@rogers.com to ask questions or apply!
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