September 2023

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ID Theft Protection

ID Theft Protection and many other perks are included in your PRIME Checking Account.

Movie Matinee

Join us at Westwood Plaza Theatre for a fun movie matinee.

Red Wagon Results

Over 800 people attended the 4 picnics. $600 was donated to buy school supplies for children in our region as they head back to school. Also, boxes full of pencils, crayons, notebooks, and backpacks were donated to local area schools and non-profit organizations.

How Can Identity Theft Affect Me?

Identity theft can damage your finances, credit rating, reputation, and complicate many other areas of your life.


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Best Songs About Money

  • Money (That's What I Want) by The Flying Lizards
  • Money by Pink Floyd
  • Money for Nothing by Dire Straits
  • Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) by Pet Shop Boys
  • For the Love of Money by the O'Jays
  • You Never Give Me Your Money by The Beatles
  • Money Changes Everything by Cyndi Lauper
  • Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band

When someone says they're “speaking things into existence,” they're trying to improve their life and achieve their dreams. Basically, they're manifesting or turning their ideas into reality. They're trying to attract something into their life, whether that's money, relationships, success, etc.

So maybe you want to add some of these songs about money to your play list and sing them into existence!

Check out our fun Pirates Game pics here!

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