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"For the PRISMA orchestra, it isn't just about putting the musical pieces together and playing in tune -- Arthur Arnold inspires students to take gutsy musical risks and play with heart so that we can reach audience members at a deep level. There was nothing more I could have asked for from my PRISMA experience."

-Tamara Dworetz, 2016 conducting student, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Texas, Austin
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What an amazing two weeks. Thank you, Powell River, for supporting yet another season of PRISMA. Thank you to our sponsors for making this season possible; thank you to the dedicated students for sharing your talents with us; thank you to our volunteers for helping out in every way; and thank you to our audiences for creating such a welcoming atmosphere for our performers.

We'd like to take this opportunity to showcase our amazing sponsors and donors, to share some impressions of the 2016 season, and to give you some exciting updates.

We'd love to hear from you about your experience this season. Feel free to get in touch with your feedback!
Some of our favourite student shots from Instagram

View from the harp last night! #WeArePRISMA

So grateful for the amazing faculty, colleagues, and friends I met at PRISMA. What a fantastic opportunity to play, learn, and share our love for music in the beautiful British Columbia! #WeArePRISMA

Thank you wonderful people for great time at Prisma! It was a pleasure to work and play with you! See you music nomads 
#weareprisma #tb
 #canada #powellriver #fun #mahler #shostakovich #musicfest

PRISMA Percussion section photo! I honestly really miss these guys already #wearePRISMA #PRISMA2016 #canada #BC #PowellRiver

Bye bye Powell River, it's been a blast. Two symphony programs in two weeks ain't bad!! #shosty5 #mahler5 #weareprisma
Prizewinning Percussionist
An Interview with Trevor Barroero, PRISMA's 2016 Concerto Competition Winner

Trevor Barroero came to PRISMA for the first time this year and left as the winner of our 2016 Concerto Competition. His prize? A week playing with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in Russia. We sat down with Trevor and talked about his first PRISMA experience. Check out what he had to say!

PRISMA: How long have you been playing percussion for?

TB: 12 years.

PRISMA: Where do you go to school?

TB: I did two years at the University of Arizona and then I transferred to the University of Georgia for two years, and now I'm going back to the University of Arizona for a year. My teacher moved to Georgia and I followed her.

PRISMA: What was your favourite part of PRISMA? What made it unique from other festivals you may have been to?

TBI heard of PRISMA through my teacher at the University of Georgia who recommended that I come here for the faculty (Bill Linwood). He actually studied with the same teacher that my teacher studied with, but he kind of branched out to a different direction than my teacher at the time in terms of style, so I came here to seek him out to get that kind of technique into my arsenal. What's unique about PRISMA is that, compared to other music festivals, from day one you just go. You start rehearsing immediately, the rehearsals are happening every single day, and I would say that because it is a shorter length, only two weeks, the faculty certainly push us hard. You're doing huge pieces too--to do Mahler 5 and Shostakovich 5 within two weeks is phenomenal, especially from a percussionist point of view. And the Concerto Competition, of course, was another huge draw for me. I've been doing concerto competitions since the eighth grade, so this was the next step for me, to take an opportunity to play outside of the country.

PRISMA: What do you plan to do next? How do you see PRISMA impacting your future goals?

TBI have a fifth year of undergrad left and I'm going to be taking a lot of auditions next year, both for grad school and professional orchestras. So, being able to be here and to do things like the audition masterclass we had with the faculty where you get to talk to other instrumentalists about how and when they did auditions, is really steering me in that direction towards an orchestral position.
Student Testimonials
Impressions and experiences from PRISMA 2016

Jiawei Yan, Viola, The Juilliard School
"What makes PRISMA stand out is its particularly short duration and its intensive study schedule.
Thank you, PRISMA and all the volunteers and sponsors, for making this happen for us. We definitely see from all of you how much it connects to people through what we are working so hard to give you."

Lydia Consilvio, Oboe, Yale School of Music
"I feel like the faculty really care about the students and I can feel that being here.  It's a lot of learning and it's wonderful here."
Maitreyi Muralidharan, Violin, Peobody Insitute
"I've never seen a community so involved and appreciative of these concerts. We've never played for anything less than a full house. Every time Maestro Arnold comes, he brings this energy that the only important thing right now is that you make beautiful music ."
Lara Vercher Colomer, Clarinet, Spain
"For me, I've been in other festivals around the world and the fact that you can play with the guest artists at PRISMA is a gift. I'm playing and smiling at the same time, thinking 'Is this for real?'"
Tamara Dworetz, Conducting, University of Georgia  
"It's really special how the community really supports PRISMA. When I stepped off the ferry and saw all the PRISMA signs, and then the first concert at the beach--it's just so supported. It makes us as musicians feel really good, even though we aren't professionals and are in a growing process, to feel appreciated by the community so deeply."
Phillipp Mellies, Flute, Conservatorium van Amsterdam and   Alena Wilsdorf, Flute, Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf
"The lessons at PRISMA make it more than only an orchestra project. You really have a lot of private lessons and masterclasses and excerpts and audition training. It includes so much.
"For us it's a bit special, because we probably won't take North American orchestra auditions but still it's interesting to get a new viewpoint and Janet is just so great. She has great ways of explaining how to practice things with different ideas, which is great for us even though we know that in a European audition we will have to play a bit differently."
Fangming Shen, Violin, Peobody Institute
"PRISMA was a good opportunity for me to make friends with and perform with such talented musicians. PRISMA was a good experience for helping me to feel the environment of competitions and prepare more. I had so much fun here."
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Musical Merit Scholarship Fund
Student funding surpasses $45,000

We ended this season on a high. PRISMA is thrilled to announce that our Musical Merit Scholarship Fund has just surpassed the $45,000 mark! The Music Director has a special message to share with our supporters:

From its beginning, PRISMA set its sights on becoming one of the world's premier symphony festivals and academies by attracting music students of the highest merit. Although we have advanced quickly towards that goal, many of the best emerging musicians can't attend because they do not have the economic resources.  For PRISMA to truly secure its place among the elite international music festivals we have to make PRISMA available for the most talented students, regardless of financial means.

I am really passionate about this. Why?  When I was a student, numerous organizations and individuals supported my learning and gave me the opportunity for extra curricular study in Italy, Great Britain and Russia. Without doubt, this helped catapult me into an international career, which now brings me to wonderful places, including Powell River.

If you wish to help me build the Musical Merit Scholarship Fund, I'd be happy to hear from you directly. You can reach me at

Arthur Arnold, PRISMA Music Director

Musical Merit Scholarship Fund
Musical Merit Scholarship Fund

Student Send-off
PRISMA musicians head home on Pacific Coastal Airlines charter flight

Thanks to our sponsor Pacific Coastal Airlines, we can charter flights to bring our students from Vancouver to Powell River and back again. Pacific Coastal has been a sponsor of PRISMA for many years and has always helped us with transporting our students, faculty, and (very importantly) their instruments!

Even Amanda's cello (Carlo) had his own seat!

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Don't miss the Kathaumixw Gala Closing Concert tomorrow night!

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