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April, 2016 

AdultAdult Leagues

2017 Sectionals RFP Now Available
The USTA/PNW is now accepting bids to host 2017 Sectional Championships. You can bid on any USTA League Sectional Championship or the USTA/PNW Junior Sectional Championship. One individual facility may not be able to meet all the criteria but multiple facilities can certainly "team-up" to consider hosting one of these events. Click on the following link to download the RFP Packet:

2017 USTA League Schedules Available for Some Areas
The 2017 USTA League Schedule is now available for the following areas: Alaska, Northwest Washington, Eastern Washington. Go to the following link and then click on your area under Local Area Schedules and Info for details:  The schedule for Northern Oregon, Southern Oregon, and Southwest Washington will be available soon.

Self Rating Now Available for Non-USTA Members
If a player wants to self rate they are no longer required to be a USTA Member! This is great news for Tennis Directors and Pros who have new players who want to self rate but may not want to join the USTA yet. This service can also be used for Tournament Directors who need players to have a rating for non-sanctioned tournaments. Be advised players will still need to create a Tennis Link account, but this is free and only requires some basic information.

JuniorJunior Competition

Junior Sectionals will be in Yakima, WA - June 24-27

Criteria for Participation:
  • Participants must have an Advanced standing within the USTA Pacific Northwest.  This means having played at least one Advanced tournament and have one win in the age group they wish to compete in at the Junior Sectional Tournament before the tournament deadline
  • Permanently reside within the boundaries of the section
  • Have fulfilled all residency requirements
  • Have not participated in any other country's national championships within the current ranking year
Zonal Information -

Zonal applications for players and coaches will be available by the end of April


National Championship Tournaments

Are you interested in hosting a Senior Tournament featuring some of the best players in the United States? Then consider hosting a Category I National Championship or a Category II or III National Tournament! The Category III National Tournament is a new designation which allows TD's to run a National event with modified formats. For example, you could run a compass draw or a one day event while your players receive National points. To apply to host one or more of these events please visit the following website: 

TDM Training

Please contact Trenton Corvino if you are a Tournament Director and you have any questions about the TDM system or would like any TDM training.  

TenUnder 10 & Under Program

10 and Under On-Court Workshops Available this Summer!

Get all your continuing education credits in less than four hours for just $15 with the USTA 10 & Under On-Court Workshop.  This summer, we have workshops scheduled in Seattle and Portland.  Our Seattle workshop will be held at Central Park Tennis Club on Thursday, June 2, from 5:00-8:30pm.  Registration is now open for this course!  To register for the class, go to  then click on "On-Court Workshops."  The workshop name is "Washington On-Court Workshop #2277."

Portland Tennis & Education at St. Johns Racquet Center (Portland, OR) will offer two workshop options-Monday, June 13, and Tuesday, June 14.  More information on the Portland workshops will be available next month.

This interactive 10 & Under Workshop highlights skill development, progressions, and child centered activities. Don't miss out on an opportunity to improve your coaching skills and get kids playing more tennis.  If you have any questions, contact Alyssa Morrison at or call 503-718-3338.

InfoGeneral Announcements

Competition Department Meetings

Section League Coordinator Adam Hutchinson and Junior Competition Coordinator Trenton Corvino will be visiting the following areas between now and early June:
*    Southwest Washington - May 10-11
*    Alaska - May 19-23 (Adam only)
*    Northern Oregon - May 25-26
*    Northwest Washington - June 1-4 (includes USPTA conference)

In some of these areas, we will be doing facility manager meetings, league player town hall meetings, and/or Junior Competition town hall meetings. Facility Managers/Tennis Directors and players/parents will be e-mailed details for each area as they are finalized.

News to share?
Your contributions to the Announcements section are welcome.  Please submit your news by contacting Jana Hirst.

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