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August, 2016  

AdultAdult Leagues

Survey and Items Coming from USTA National

You will soon be receiving information to order "USTA League Played Here" materials to post at your facility. This is similar to the marketing campaign USTA National did a few years ago, but with our new logo. Feel free to order as much as you like and promote USTA League tennis! Also, the USTA National office will be sending out a brief survey which will include Adult 40 & Over formats. I know many facilities would like to see fewer matches for Adult 40 & Over and/or Adult 18 & Over. This is your opportunity to share your input with the USTA National office. If you feel Adult 40 & Over should have fewer individual matches lookout and complete for the survey!

Need To Know Important USTA League Dates? Check The Website!

Don't forget to go to for all of the latest dates and information regarding USTA League play.

JuniorJunior Competition

Earlier this year we sent out a survey to all the Tournament Directors (TD's) in the PNW to get their feedback on Junior Tournaments.  The survey results were presented at the annual USPTA PNW convention in June.  41 facilities stretching across all areas in the PNW completed the survey.  The following are some of the results: 


60% of TD's said they were ok, satisfied, or very satisfied with the Junior Tournament sanction process


  Intermediate Tournaments
o    43% of TD's prefer One Intermediate Tournament within a specific distance (i.e. One tournament within 200 miles) 
o    10% of TD's prefer One Intermediate Tournament per Region (i.e. Western Washington, Northern Oregon, etc.) 
o    24% of TD's prefer Unlimited Intermediate Tournaments 
 Advanced Tournaments
o    41% of TD's prefer One Advanced Tournament within a specific distance (i.e. One tournament within 200 miles) 
o    23% of TD's prefer One Advanced Tournament per Region (i.e. Southern Oregon, Northern Oregon, etc.) 
o    18% of TD's prefer Unlimited Advanced Tournaments

82% of TD's said they would be willing to fill out a survey after the tournament to evaluate its success

As a result of the survey and your feedback we have changed the tournament sanction process for intermediate level tournaments for 2017.  In 2017 one intermediate junior tournament will be sanctioned within 100 miles.  This is the only sanctioning change we have made to Junior tournaments for 2017.  

We are proud to announce that Katja Wiersholm from the Pacific Northwest won the Girls 12 and under National USTA Clay and Hard court championships this summer.  We are very proud of her for competing hard and representing the Pacific Northwest well.  


Adult and Junior Tournaments

2017 Tournament Sanctioning (Adults and Juniors)

Believe it or not it is almost time to start planning for 2017! Adam Hutchinson and Trenton Corvino will send out Tournament Sanctioning details in early September. Our goal is to get as many tournaments sanctioned this fall as possible so players can plan their calendars and facilities can confirm which weekends they will be hosting tournaments.

New Adult Competition National Staff

For those of you who run National Championship Adult Tournaments (i.e. Category I, Super Category II, Category II, Category II) you should know there is new staff in place at the USTA National office. If you need to reach out to them directly, Below is the contact info. Please note to cc Adam Hutchinson so that he is in the loop for PNW Tournaments.

TenUnder 10 & Under Program

10 and Under On-Court Workshop in Richland, WA, on September 10

There is still one more chance to get all your continuing education credits this year!  In less than four hours and for just $15, Columbia Basin Racquet Club in Richland, WA, is hosting a 10 & Under On-Court Workshop.  It will take place Saturday, September 10, from 5:00-8:30pm.  Registration is open for this course!  To register for the class, go to then click on "On-Court Workshops."  The workshop name is "Washington On-Court Workshop #2341."

This interactive 10 & Under Workshop highlights skill development, progressions, and child centered activities. Don't miss out on an opportunity to improve your coaching skills and get kids playing more tennis.  If you have any questions, contact Alyssa Morrison at, or call 503-718-3338.

InfoGeneral Announcements

USTA Foundation Scholarship

Do you know a junior who could benefit from participating on an "Excellence Team"?  The USTA Foundation is offering two scholarship for players 7-12 at Tennis Center Sand Point.  Click here for more info.

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