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January, 2016  

AdultJunior Competition

Staff Update
USTA/PNW welcomes Trenton Corvino as the new Junior Competition Coordinator, helping to grow the game of tennis by focusing on junior competitive play offerings throughout the PNW Section. Trenton is charged with coordinating and monitoring high-quality events, Junior Team Tennis, tournaments, trainings, and educational workshops. Additionally, he will represent PNW at all levels: USTA National, USTA/PNW Section, and local member organizations and stakeholders.
Trenton demonstrates a lifelong commitment to serving the community and expanding opportunities for participants all along the player pathway through his extensive tennis background: PAST&E Program Director and Coach, George Fox University Assistant Men's Tennis Coach, USPTA Certified Elite, USPTA National and PNW Star Award recipient. His most recent role with George Fox University admissions benefited greatly from his focus on communications, information dissemination and education, transparency, and simultaneously balancing multiple needs and outlooks. For 2016 events and initiatives, Trenton will often pull from a cross-functional team including PNW staff, facilities, coaches, committees, and others as needed.

Website Updates
Over the next month, updates will be made to the USTA/PNW Junior Competition website in order to better communicate events, rankings, rules and regulations, and ongoing FAQs. Click here for most recent information

Trenton can be reached at  , (503) 530-9750 cell, (503) 718-3332 office.

JuniorAdult  Competition

Competition Meetings

We will soon be reaching out to facilities in all six of our areas to schedule the first of many ongoing meetings to keep up to date on the world of USTA Competition. These meetings will be excellent opportunities to discuss USTA League Play, Junior Competition, Adult Tournaments, or any other aspect of competition. The first meeting will also be a great opportunity to meet our new Junior Competition Coordinator, Trenton Corvino.   

USTA Leagues

Upcoming USTA League schedules? - Don't forget the USTA/PNW is updating the USTA League portion of the PNW website on a regular basis! Go to for the latest schedules and other pertinent information regarding USTA League.

2017 USTA League Schedules - The USTA/PNW USTA League Department will soon begin working on USTA League Schedules for 2017. If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share you may do so by contacting you Area League Coordinator or the Section League Coordinator, Adam Hutchinson at
The USTA/PNW plans on sharing the "final" 2017 USTA League schedule with facilities before going public.

Adult Rankings

The year end adult ranking are now posted on TennisLink.  You can view them by going to the Tournament section and entering the player's name under "Find a Ranking". 

Adult, Senior and Junior Tournaments

2016 USTA Tournament Sanctioning

Jana Hirst, USTA/PNW Area League Coordinator, has been actively involved within the USTA family for more than 15 years. She is well-known for her attention to detail, responsiveness, customer-focus, and knowledge. In order to best support the growth of competitive tennis and create a single point-of-contact for tournament sanctioning, Jana will facilitate all tournament sanctioning and invoicing at all levels and divisions: juniors, adults, seniors.

Jana can be reached at   (503) 887-9798 cell, (503) 718-3331 office.

Tournament Calendar - To keep Tournament Directors up to speed with pending tournaments we have tried an online calendar. The calendar we were using has been disabled as it was not possible to keep it up-to-date in real time. A new spreadsheet featuring up-to-date approved and pending tournaments will soon be posted to our website. Once this is done, notification will go out to facilities.

Are you interested in hosting a National Junior Tournament? Below is the link for the National tournament selection process.  Please read the following Memorandum:  and visit the website below: 

TenUnder General Announcements

High school coaches workshop: on Jan 30, 2016 at St Johns Racquet Club, Portland, OR.  Click here for details.

Multnomah Athletic is look for a head tennis pro.  The head pro is responsible for developing and directing the club's tennis program. Teaches lessons, conducts clinics, schedules courts and runs tournaments. Oversees tennis leagues and their operation, as well as serving as the club's liaison to the tennis community and national organizations. Attends Tennis committee meetings, and interacts with membership. Supervises, trains and directs the work of the professional tennis staff. Promotes growth of game through community involvement. Oversees the racquet shop's operation, buys merchandise, and gives advice on selection and care of equipment. Strings racquets. Minimum of five years of professional tennis coaching/instruction experience required, with at least two years being at a private club similar to MAC. Supervisory experience of other tennis pros preferred. Able and willing to instruct members of all ages and skill levels. USPTA or PTR certification required. Knowledge of effective tennis instruction methods. Four-year degree in sports management, physical education or a related field preferred.

Baker City grass courts for sale: "Wanted.  Tennis enthusiast who will buy the grass courts in Baker City and keep them open to the public.  4.3 acres, home with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, 4 grass tennis courts, lighted, fenced, windscreens, shaded viewing areas, clubhouse with toilets, shower, kitchen, maintenance shed, parking.  Beautiful view of Powder River Valley and three mountain ranges.  Retire in paradise or get a great vacation home.  The courts were built by the original owner of the property, who went to a grass court tournament in Canada and so enjoyed the experience that he decided to build one of his own.  Later he added three more and let the public play too.  The current owner, not even a tennis player, has very generously continued to allow the public to play on the courts, but is moving and has put the property up for sale.  One of his options is to tear out the tennis courts and build five new homes on the property.  These courts are a real jewel and it would be a shame to lose them.  In the United States there are no other grass tennis courts open to the public within a thousand miles.  For more information, google "3925 Grace St., Baker City, Oregon" or"

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