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November 2015 

AdultJunior Competition - Update

Junior competition has been and remains a strategic priority for our Section.  We acknowledge the important role certified tennis professionals and your facility play in the delivery of Junior Team Tennis, sanctioned tournaments, Play Days and other competitive programs.   To this end, our office aims to provide you with the needed support, information and pro-active communication. 

As part of an organizational restructure, our junior competition department is currently in transition and, on a temporary basis, the point of contact for all junior tennis inquiries/services is Jana Hirst, who can be reached at or (503) 520-1877 x 3331.  

Thank you for your patience during this period of transition and we will keep you posted as further developments arise.

Junior Rankings

The junior rankings have been updated and can be found at:
Junior Level 4 Tournaments in Roseburg

The Level 4 Boy's Tournament is scheduled take place on December 4-6 at the Umpqua Valley Tennis Center in Roseburg.  Entries close on November 28th.  The Tournament Director is Len Spencer and the Organizer is Ronda Spencer.

The Level 4 Girl's Tournament is scheduled to take place on December 11-13 at the Umpqua Valley Tennis Center in Roseburg.  Entries close December 5th. The Tournament Director is Len Spencer and the Organizer is Ronda Spencer.

JuniorAdult Competition

New Reschedule Policy for Northwest Washington/Northern Oregon

Many players and facilities in Northwest Washington and Northern Oregon have indicated the current reschedule policy has caused some challenges. For 2016 we are modifying the process.  Once the schedule is published there is a three (3) week window to reschedule ALL matches. Then the schedule is final for the entire season.  Captains will need to make sure they have enough committed players to field teams for all matches.  The few exceptions are listed on the following link:

Then click on Northwest Washington or Northern Oregon under Local Area Schedule/Info.

Year End Ratings Coming Out Soon

The 2015 Year End Ratings are expected to be published the first week of December. All details will be published on our website at
Want to know which leagues are coming up?

For updates on which leagues are coming up, when team confirmation and court allocation forms are due, and other important league details in your area, please visit

Then click on your area under Local Area Schedules/Info. This page does get updated on a regular basis and all the information you need regarding USTA Leagues in your area will be there!    

Adult and Junior Tournaments Sanctioning Underway for 2016

The sanctioning period for all Adult and Junior Tournaments is upon us. All Online Sanction Forms submitted by November 15 will be reviewed by December 4. Below are some important details with regards to Tournament Sanctioning:

*    2016 USTA/PNW Tournament Sanction Agreement Form - All Tournament Directors will need to sign our new Tournament Sanctioning Agreement Form prior to approval of Sanctioned Tournaments. This form will include all details with regards to the sanctioning process and is a great way for both Tournament Directors and the USTA/PNW to insure we are in agreement with expectations regarding Sanctioned Tournaments. This form can be downloaded at

*    Pending Tournaments Calendar - Many Facility Directors expressed an interest to have a calendar which shows the current Pending tournaments. We listened and have delivered on that request! We have a Junior Competition and Adult Competition calendar which will show all pending and approved events. This calendar is updated by USTA/PNW staff and we will attempt to update it on a weekly basis. Below are the links to each calendar:
o    Adult Tournaments -
o    Junior Tournaments -

*    Contact Information - If you have any questions regarding the sanctioning process or tournaments in general, please contact the following individuals:
o    Adult Tournaments - Adam Hutchinson at: 
o    Junior Tournaments (temporary contact person) - Jana Hirst at

New Process for Setting Up Non-Members in TDM

If you run a non-sanctioned or entry level event with non-USTA Members, there is a slight change coming for how you get those players into the TDM system. In the past, TD's could send in a list of all non-USTA members to Link Team and they would send you a list of non-USTA member ID's. Link Team can no longer do this. Instead, each individual non-USTA Member will need to create their own Tennis Link account at Once this is done, they will be given a non-member ID number which they can use to register for your tournament.

TenUnder Award Winners

USTA/PNW Family of the Year - Boucher Family

USTA/PNW 25 Years Distinguished Service - Annice Seeling

USTA PNW Facility of the Year - Seattle Tennis Club

USTA/PNW League Organization of the Year - Vancouver Tennis Center

USTA/PNW Rookie Captains of the Year - William DelPlato and Tracey Riddle

USTA/PNW Captains of the Year - Roy Higashi and Kaki Brenneman

USTA/PNW Jr. Competition Organization of the Year - NW High Performance

USTA/PNW Scott Eden Sportsmanship - Bess Waldram and Patrick Quinn

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