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February, 2017  

AdultAdult Competition

Flyers and Brochures
Recently many of you received various flyers and brochures which came from the USTA National Office. We hope you find these useful. Please place these items where you think your players and guests will see them and find them useful. Thank you!

Need To Know Important USTA League Dates? Check The Website!
Don't forget to go to for all of the latest dates and information regarding USTA League play.

USTA League Sectionals Information
We currently have detailed planning and registration information posted for the Mixed 18, Adult 55, Adult 18, and Adult 40 Sectionals.  Click on the following link: to view the information. Match schedules for Mixed 18 and Adult 55 will be available by March 1.

JuniorJunior Competition

Junior Team Tennis
Interested in having a team from your facility?  It is a great opportunity for kids and facilities.  Contact Travis Roach at  Spring season match dates: April 1-May 28 (registration opens Feb 10).

Junior Sectionals June 23-26, 2017 Yakima, WA
Tournament entry deadline is June 11, 2017 by 11:59 pm 
Participants must have an Advanced standing within the USTA Pacific Northwest. This means having played at least one Advanced tournament and have one within the age group they wish to compete in at the Junior Sectional Tournament within the last 12 month rolling calendar period. Click here to see full eligibility criteria.

2017 USTA National Calendar
Click here to see the current calendar.

Quota for 2017 USTA National Championships

Tournaments Tournaments

Updated Adult Tournament Home Page
The USTA/PNW has updated the Adult Tournament Home page at the following link: This page currently only provides basic information as we await the new coming later in 2017. It does include the current tournament schedule, regulations, and points per round charts.

TenUnder TennisLink Tips

Periodically we are going to provide useful information on how to navigate TennisLink.  This month the topic is the "League Advanced Search".  Click here to view how to use this feature.  You can see what teams are in each league and how many players are on each team or stats and standing for the entire league.

We welcome any suggestions for further installments. 

Info General Announcements
News to share?
Your contributions to the Announcements section are welcome.  Please submit your news by contacting Jana Hirst.

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