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January, 2017  

AdultAdult Competition

Thank you to all of the Tennis Directors and Facility Managers for allowing USTA Leagues to participate at your facilities. We know you have a difficult job balancing demands of USTA League matches with the rest of your programming. The entire USTA/PNW Adult Competition staff greatly appreciate all the efforts you do to provide your members and players with another great opportunity to compete in tennis. We look forward to another great year working with you in 2017!

How to Search for Your Members' NTRP Rating
 As many of you know, the new Year End NTRP Ratings were released in December. Did you know there is a way to easily look up ALL of your members' NTRP Rating? For details on how to do this, please click here. Please note that all players associated with just one team out of your facility will be listed so in some cases there may be non-members listed.

Need To Know Important USTA League Dates? Check The Website!
Don't forget to go to for all of the latest dates and information regarding USTA League play.

JuniorJunior Competition

*    2017 Jr Sectionals - June 23-26 will be in Yakima WA.  Click here to view all USTA     PNW Jr level 3 and 4 tournaments in 2017.  
*    Click here to read about the USTA National Standing List announcement regarding counting points beginning January 2017.
*    The USTA National Junior Competition Committee is seeking bids for tournaments for the 2018 National Junior Tournament Schedule.   Applications are due by the end of business on February 6.  If interested please email Trenton Corvino at for the application materials.
*    The 2017 High School Tennis Coaches Workshop is on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 at St Johns Racquet Center in Portland Oregon.  If you are interested please contact Mike Stone at
*    Quota Spots for 2017 USTA National Jr Tournaments:  There are quota spots for 2017 but only for USTA National Championships (except the Easter Bowl).  USTA National will publish the quotas after 01.15.17.

Tournaments Tournaments

Tournament Sanctioning Update
As of January 6, 2017 we have 52 USTA Sanctioned Adult Tournaments and 149 USTA Sanctioned Junior Tournaments! Thank you to all of the awesome Tournament Directors who have stepped up to run USTA Sanctioned Tournaments and provide play opportunities for both adult and juniors. If you would still like to run a sanctioned tournament, please contact Adam Hutchinson (adults) at or Trenton Corvino (juniors) at for more information.

Entry Fee Invoices Update
There are many outstanding entry fee invoices form 2016 which must be paid ASAP. Reminders will be sent out to those who have outstanding invoices along with a deadline it must be paid by. If payment is not received by this deadline, all 2017 USTA Sanctioned Tournaments will be suspended from public view until payment is made in full. We hope we do not have to do this to anyone. To avoid this, please ensure your entry fee invoice from 2016 is paid in full. 

TenUnder Youth Tennis Workshops

In-Person Coach Youth Tennis Workshops on Hold for 2017
As part of the USTA-U plans to increase education requirements and pre-certification, USTA National will re-evaluate all of their programs.  As they begin working with USPTA and PTR on a new coaching education pathway, they will put any new Coach Youth Tennis face-to-face workshops on hold for 2017.  Anyone who is interested in certification will be able to take the new, online version of the workshop. To request this version of the workshop, email Alyssa Morrison at for more details.

Info General Announcements

Vancouver Tennis Center 
VTC is now accepting bids to operate and maintain their facility.  The deadline for RFP's are due March 15, 2017.  If interested click here to request additional information from the City of Vancouver. Also see RFP Addendum #1

USTA Website Updates Coming Soon
Please be advised there will be some major changes to the and website in 2017. We hope you and your players will find these are positive changes and the USTA National office looks to make a major overhaul in their website. Please note this will not include Tennis Link. As we receive exact timelines we will try to keep you in the loop via the PRO and also on our website.

T-Shirt Design Contest 
Do you have artistic or creative players?  Tel l them to enter USTA PNW's T-Shirt Design Contest! The winning design will be our official t-shirt for our 2017 USTA League Sectional Championships.  Every player participating in these events will be given a t-shirt (That is thousnads of players.) To enter go to either the PNW web page or our Facebook page.  The deadline is March 1. The winning design wins a $200 certificate to Tennis Warehouse?  Click below to print a flyer to post at your club: T-Shirt Flyer

News to share?
Your contributions to the Announcements section are welcome.  Please submit your news by contacting Jana Hirst.

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