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f.u.n.k.e. Avionics GmbH introduces the NEW FSG-8 VHF Mobile Transceiver.
For many years the world famous " yellow brick ", otherwise known as the FSG-4 and the FSG-5, has proven itself on oil platforms, in training operations, in hot air ballooning or simply welcomed as an emergency radio.

Now it's time to say good bye to the FSG-4/5 and say hello to the new FSG-8 .
This new radio will conform to the new 8.33kHz requirements while keeping the unstoppable , work-anywhere, unmatched ruggedness of its predecessors - no other airband transceiver can match the robustness of the FSG radios.

Although it may have the same housing as the earlier FSG's, it has been thoroughly redesigned to meet the requirements for full certification as a ground station. This new unit complies with the reduced channel separation of 8.33kHz and can be set to a certain frequency as it has a lock-out feature .

Now with intelligent power management , the FSG-8 will keep the power consumption in standby mode to an absolute minimum. Another great advantage is that the FSG-8 uses the same accessories as the earlier FSG-4 and FSG-5 units and so there's no extra expense in having to replace those.

The first batch of radios will be available in September 2018, ready to meet the deadline of 31st December 2018.
However, its popularity means that demand is already high so don't delay in placing your order!
Need to replace your old FSG70, 71M or FSG2T?

The easiest way and with the minimal amount of fuss is with the FSG90 and the F10318 adaptor . These combine to easily slot in the existing hole and plug into the existing wiring for the old Dittel radios, therefore reducing the time and expense of changing the wiring.

You could be up and running within minutes!

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