Recognizing and Supporting the Impact on the Parent-Child Relationship
Part II (Oct 5)
October 5, 2021 • Talks on Tuesdays Webinar

Pregnancy is a major life event in which a birthing individual experiences physical and emotional changes that can impact them and their families well beyond childbirth into the postpartum period. As early interventionists, our support and services are often offered and provided during this special time; giving us a unique opportunity to coach and empower families to gain the skills and confidence needed to establish a healthy parent-child relationship. Join Telisha Woodfin, postpartum doula, for this two-part interactive discussion on how to recognize and support the parent-child relationship during the postpartum period.
Telisha Woodfin, MSW
Telisha Woodfin is a Monitoring Consultant for the Richmond and Tidewater regions of the Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia. Telisha is a seasoned behavioral health professional with over 18 years of experience supporting children and families across Virginia. She is the founder of LIVLoved, a postpartum family support agency providing emotional and physical support to birthing individuals and their families in addition to families birthed through surrogacy, adoption, kinship care, and foster care in the Richmond area. Telisha is also the co-founder of "The Momtourage," an online community for mothers. Telisha is a wife and mother to two sons (7, 17) and a daughter (21). Her life mission is to nurture the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others by demonstrating love.