You may not have realized this- but there is only ONE Salty Dog Cafe in existence. Salty Dog is located on Hilton Head Island, but their t-shirts are so wildly recognized around the country that the restaurant itself is now a travel destination.

You may be thinking about how happy you are for the Salty Dog Cafe, but your business is not a restaurant, or even retail
The use of promotional products is widespread.
The importance of these branding items for marketing purpose can be gauged from the fact that  eight in ten consumers have 1 to 10 promotional products . A majority of them use the item, at least once a week, and an overwhelming majority of the surveyed people retains the products even for up to two years. No surprises that it was a 20 billion dollar industry in 2017.
Benefits Of Promotional Products
Brand Recognition
A professional approach to conduct a business is to increase its brand recognition. This implies consistent efforts for keeping products or services of the company in the customer’s mind.
Promotional products  which are well designed do just that for the businesses. These are one of the cost-effective ways to increase recognition of your brand. The product is with the recipients for a long time, enhancing your brand’s visibility.
Your promotional item serves as a business card.
A promotional item behaves like a business card when it comes to introducing your company to potential customers. Take the opportunity to include all of your contact information and your product turns in to a business card with much longer longevity.


Promotional Merchandise Best Practices
 Don’t: Use Generic Items
If you use items that people have already received a ton of, such as a stress ball or a cheap key chain, your product (and money) might just end up in the trash.You can ensure your swag is held onto and remembered by making it useful, creative, high-quality and innovative.
Consider Distribution Logistics

There are many ways to get promotional products to your potential customers. You can can train clever animals to pass them to strangers. If those don't work, maybe try out these other methods:
  • Mailers
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Grand Openings
  • Holiday Gifts
You can promote your business with custom products without having to break the bank or go over the top. Dive in and take a look at the best ways to showcase your products that will get people talking about your brand!

Once you figure out the best way to reach your recipients, make sure your promotional products fit the plan.
For example, a bulky, branded piece of apparel, like a hooded sweatshirt, may not be a great idea for a trade show giveaway. People probably won’t want to carry it around all day. Giving this product to employees as an appreciation gift, however, makes much more sense.
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