Dear Partners and Friends,

This ministry trip out West has shown us the urgency of the hour as we approach God's fire.
While visiting the Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, California on Wednesday evening May 17, the Pastor acknowledged us as a prophet of God and asked us to share prophetic things from the Lord at the end of the evening service! We had a wonderful time together there at the end of the service!
But in the early hours of the next morning May 18, the Lord woke me up and spoke to me for three hours about some amazing spiritual things which are shocking but glorious to know! Part of it was a personal Word for the Pastor at Calvary Christian Center.
We had a glorious time in the service on Sunday morning May 21, in sharing the Word with the pastor and congregation. It was truly special! 

You may watch the live video of this prophecy given to the Pastor of Calvary Christian Center by clicking on the link below.  Please scroll forward to the later part of the service, timer at 1:06:15, to view:

Upon returning home, I will record a full message on our website and relay all of what the Lord had shown me early that Thursday morning! I am responsible for this message, and we are all responsible to respond to the Lord for the glorious things which He revealed to me on May 18!
Truly the Lord is speaking in depth and with an urgency concerning the things which are important to His heart for us to DO and COMPLY with all His wishes. At large the church is so far removed from the Spirit and from walking with God today.
It is always good and glorious when we walk in obedience and in harmony with His Spirit. We are required to do so right now!
Glorious things are in store for us.  Thank God He has always found a remnant to walk with Him and carry out His Will!
We are excited and ready to run with the things of God and carry out all the ministry we have planned for this Summer.

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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