Dear Friends and Partners,
In this historic year of 2018 we wish everyone of you to have an exceptionally great year!
The prophetic ministry of Jesus consists of five levels of prophecy.  The highest level is the prophet's office which is a ministry of the extreme.  Prophets are specialists of the word of God.  They confirm the written word and they prophecy over the future.  In order to hear God correctly the prophet has to go deep in the realm of the spirit walking in the place of depth and closeness with God.  The only drawback is the fact that the prophet is also a forerunner...seeing, hearing and declaring the things of the future.  The hard part is that the prophet has to run ahead of everybody to the place of loneliness and frustration; but, thank God for His unspeakable gifts.  The hardest part for a prophet is that God's people don't listen very well or take heed to the prophesied.  But I cannot complain...Jeremiah prophesied in vain to Israel for 23 years warning them that the King of Babylon would invade their country if the Israelites would not repent of their sins.  Jeremiah had 23 years of no response to his prophecies...I have had 15 years with limited response.  So I'm not doing too bad! LOL
During the course of this year, the Lord is going to give me specific prophetic words.  All of this is due to the fact that we are reaching the 70th year of our generation in May; and last October 2017 we finished a decade of delay for the new move of God.  That delay was caused by the church at large for rejecting the Revival of Joy back in the 1990's. 
The good news is that we are set for a series of new beginnings.  As we reach the 70th year, judgement will come from the Lord to clean up things for the new revival.  You may recall that I prophesied at the beginning of 2017 that it was the year that God would expose evil, especially in Washington; and it was a mega year of exposing scandals and corruption.  The prophecy went on to say that what God exposes in 2017, that He will judge in 2018.  Inevitably there will be judgements in the church too.  I will keep you updated with every new prophetic word that God gives me throughout this year since it's of such importance. 
Included below in this email is the first prophetic word for 2018 which the Lord gave me at our service last Saturday night in Greenwood, South Carolina.  It is all positive and is a blessing and encouragement to us. 
You may also watch the LIVE Facebook video that we've posted on our YouTube channel at GABRIEL HEYMANS MINISTRIES TV.  


Believe that which is possible.
Believe that which is conceivable.
Believe that which is acceptable.  
But faith does not come by that which is acceptable. 
Faith comes by that which is impossible.
Faith comes to bring to life that which cannot be...naturally, intellectually, emotionally, physically.  Faith brings about that which cannot be seen by the natural eye...which cannot be understood by the natural man.  Faith brings that which is the spoken word of God, the holy word of God, the realm of God, the Spirit of God, the place of God, the life of God, the walk of God, which the church has never touched.  Individuals have...individuals have walked into that place.  Have found the secret place of the most the New Testament which is in the Holy Spirit and have stepped into that realm...have stepped into that place and began to hear the voice of God. 
How do you know that you are in the spirit?  You hear the voice of God. 
When do I know that I'm in the spirit?  You hear the voice of God. 
How do I know that I'm no longer in the flesh?  You hear the voice of God. 
How do I know that I'm really in the spirit?  You HEAR the voice of God. 
And so many of God's people have never ever yet decided to take the leap from the flesh take the leap from the sense realm and say God I'm leaping...catch me.  I'm jumping, Holy Spirit, catch me.  I'm leaping into the spirit world.  Take me in there.  Take me into your secret world where there's faith, where there's life, where there's blessing, where there is authority.  Where there is a greater reality that surpasses and supersedes the flesh realty where I've been bound to live all my life.
But the day and the hour has come and this year and this time God will begin to raise up His people that will again have the passion and the hunger.  And the cry of your heart will say, "Lord take me into the spirit realm.  Take me into the supernatural realm."  And not substitute it for emotion.  Not substitute it for some songs and jumping and praising and shouting.  I say, "Lord take me into the place of the spirit where I can hear You, where I can feel You in my spirit, where I can experience You and that which You have for us, hallelujah". 
But until now, 2000 years plus, the church has been bound in the realm of the natural...why?  Because she has chosen not to pursue the Holy Spirit.  You can't get in the Spirit by can't get into the world of the can't get into the realm of the Spirit.  You can't go in there by yourself.  Even if you have faith, you still can't.  Holy Spirit has to meet you and escort you and walk you into it and take you in there.  This is the prayer that has not been many.  This is the cry that has not come forth by many.  Lord, take me beyond the natural man.  Take me into the place of the Spirit.  Take me into the place of the supernatural.  God take me into your world that I can begin to live by the "senses" of my spirit man.  That I can begin to hear and see and feel and understand and know the things that are given to me by God.  That my eyes may be opened that I may see the glories of God.  That my ears may hear that I may know and understand in my spirit by experiencing of Holy Spirit the things that are set before us in this day and this hour.
But alas , the death still continues.  The falling away still continues, but in this hour God will find them, God will find the handful, two handfuls, three, four and more.  The people that will say, "We want to be the people of your passion.  Take me with you.  Open up to me that which you are about and that which You want to do.  Let me see.  I am no longer content, I will no longer stay in the place of natural church, of sense Christianity, of mind Christianity, mind over matter.  I will move with you Lord into the place of the glorious.  Take me."
That day has come.  And many, even those that you may see in those days around will be gone, but a new breed will arise now...the new people will come because all the rules must be changed.  All the limitations of man must be set aside.  All the patterns and the systems and the ways of doing things must be destroyed.  For the day and the hour and the Glory of the Lord is upon us.  It has to be done God's way. It will be done God's way.  It will be done by the the Spirit, through the Spirit, of the Spirit...and everything else will fall by the wayside.

Glory to God.  Praise God.  Hallelujah!
God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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