CAP's Rated Preparatory Program Helps Train Air Force Officers Aspiring to Fly
Civil Air Patrol is one of the four partners in the U.S. Air Force Total Force. Consisting of CAP as the Air Force auxiliary as well as the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and active-duty Air Force, each partner has specific missions that often foster collaboration.

For CAP, the collaboration often consists of participation in training exercises as intercept targets straying into restricted airspace, performing search and rescue missions assigned by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, and, through the Rated Preparatory Program, is providing essential preparatory training to active-duty officers who aspire to achieve their goal of earning their Air Force wings.

“CAP is providing a crucial service for the Air Force and our nation,” said Brig. Gen. William Betts, vice commander, First Air Force, AFNORTH. “Some great airmen got their start in CAP, and we are committed to maintaining that tradition.”

Launched in 2019 as an experimental initiative, the program has already provided nearly 100 officers with accelerated instruction that identifies future pilots, navigators and other crew members to help address the Air Force’s potential pilot shortage.
Idaho Wing Transports Search Dogs for Exercise
Members of the Idaho Wing and the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit took advantage of a break in the smoke-filled skies to come together for an unusual training exercise: transporting search dogs from Boise to Ogden, Utah, aboard a CAP Cessna 206.

The search dog transport was one piece of a broader U.S. Air Force-authorized training exercise for responding to large-scale disasters that might occur across multiple states in CAP’s Rocky Mountain Region. The 10-day exercise involved several CAP wings, including Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.
Minn.'s Helvick 62nd CAP Cadet to Earn 'Wings'
On Oct. 3, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jacob Helvick of the Minnesota Wing became the 62nd cadet to earn his private pilot certificate through CAP's Cadet Wings program.

Helvick, a member of the Lakeville-based 130th Composite Squadron, is the 10th cadet from the Minnesota Wing to receive a certificate through the program in 2019-2020.

Other Minnesota Wing cadets receiving their certificates are Matthew Kuehlwein (No. 61), Michael McCue (No. 58), Taylor Plasschaert (No. 57), Sadie Blace (No. 56), Jacqueline Busch (No. 54), Kayla Nowak (No. 53), Sarah Skjeveland (No. 51), Jacob Seres (No. 24) and Tabitha Plasschaert (No. 4).
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Let's Take Another Look at CAP's Core Values
National Headquarters' Marketing & Strategic Communications team is reprising National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith's Core Values Video Series from 2019.

Over the next five weeks, Smith will talk about each of CAP's core values--Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect. He introduces the series today with a video entitled "Intro to Core Values Series."
It's Time to Register Your CyberPatriot Team
Units have less than two weeks to register teams for the 2020-21 CyberPatriot season! The deadline is next Thursday, Oct. 15, with a deadline of Nov. 1 to lock in the individual team members.

CyberPatriot puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company.

Senior members, you do not need to be technically minded to be a coach. Biweekly meetings of CAP coaches are being held, and a unique CyberPatriot playbook -- featuring the CAP perspective -- is available.
Federal Employees Can Support CAP Through CFC
The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a convenient and effective way for federal employees, postal employees and military personnel to contribute through contributions. The campaign is open now through Jan. 11. Consider supporting CAP #24876.
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