CAP's Cadet Program Celebrates 1st 'Solo'
of 2021 National Flight Academy Season
The North Carolina Wing’s Richard Augur National Powered Flight Academy recorded CAP's first cadet solo of the summer 2021 season April 27 the first such solo since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the organization's national flight academies in March 2020.

Cadet Staff Sgt. Henry Broadbent of the Hickory Composite Squadron took control of the CAP airplane and flew around the pattern through the guidance of his instructor, Capt. Don Briola.

Broadbent said, “At 8 years old I fell in love with the idea of flying on a trip to Hickory Airport with the Cub Scouts. Then O-flights with CAP just made the possibility of flying real. I would like to thank CAP and Capt. Briola for making my dream come true.

“My future is with the Marine Corps (he left for boot camp May 10). I will be working in the Aviation Wing being an avionics technician. My long-term goal is to become a pilot in the Marines. Becoming a solo pilot is the first step in a long journey."

CAP hosts National Flight Academies every summer, providing cadets about 10 hours of dual instruction and requisite ground training. If weather and skill permit, the flying culminates in a solo flight the first step toward achieving a private pilot certification. Many cadets finish the academy and go on to compete for scholarships and financial assistance to fund future flying.
Operation Pulse Lift Issues '100 Day' Challenge
The 100 Dangerous Days of Summer is fast approaching. This is a dangerous period every year and is expected to be especially so this summer because of the pandemic.

With COVID-19 receding, many will be leaving their homes for long-awaited vacations. That makes an increase in accidents likely, significantly dipping into the nation's blood reserves. In addition, the wildfire season is starting up, and what could be an active 2021 hurricane season begins soon.

Now is the time to prepare. CAP's Operation Pulse Lift  is issuing a 100 Days of Giving Challenge to begin Memorial Day and end Labor Day. 

Let's see which CAP wing and region can make the biggest difference this summer in blood donated and lives saved, said Lt. Col. Bob Ditch, Operation Pulse Lift director. Remember, each unit of blood can potentially save three lives."
N.C. Cadet Earns Private Pilot Certificate Through CAP Program

Cadet Capt. Anderson Wells of the North Carolina Wing is the 82nd cadet to earn his Federal Aviation Administration private pilot certificate through CAP's Cadet Wings program.

Wells received his certificate April 27 through Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, where he is a student.

Wells is the fourth Cadet Wings candidate from North Carolina to receive his certificate through the program, funded by the Air Force. He belongs to the Apex Cadet Squadron.
NHQ News
National Commander Provides Retention Tips

National Headquarters' Marketing & Strategic Communications team is reprising National Commander/CEO Maj. Gen. Mark Smith’s Recruiting and Retention Series from 2018.

Smith's Understanding Volunteer Motives,” part of the second half of his 2018 series, is featured today.
New Wing Maintenance Dashboard Available
Senior Member Steven Mena, the Hawaii Wing's aviation maintenance officer, realized the need to better understand the overall health of the wing's aircraft fleet. 

Using data from AMRAD and WMIRS, Mena created the Wing MX Report to graphically depict key indicators, such as lead time to required inspections and overhauls as well as individual aircraft status.

The straightforward graphical output serves as an impactful tool for communicating maintenance information to CAP wing commanders and staff. The report can be customized for reuse by any unit and is available on HUBCAP as part of CAP's Innovation Program.
Last Call for BoG Member-at-Large Applications
The May 15 deadline is fast approaching for applications to fill the Board of Governors vacancy created when Col. Dale Newell's Member-at-Large term ends Aug. 27. All applications received before the deadline midnight May 15, Central time will be considered.

The board's four members-at-large serve three-year terms. CAP members may nominate themselves to fill these positions as they're vacated.
Minimum requirements are:
  • Senior member in good standing.
  • CAP grade of chief master sergeant or officer grade of major or above.
  • Paul E. Garber Award (Level IV).
  • At least five years' CAP membership.
Look for Lift, Take-Off Financial Assistance Announcements
Financial assistance acceptance emails were sent out by CAP's cadet program May 8. If you have requested financial assistance for any of this summer’s National Cadet Special Activities, make sure to check your junk/spam folder for an email from CAP, CadetInvest. Please follow the instructions on the email.

The LIFT and Take-Off programs pay for activities fees and for travel to and from the activities. The funds are provided by the Air Force.
“Working tirelessly during their free hours, many times burning the proverbial midnight oil, the members have promoted such war effort contributions as the military courier service.”
Our latest “This Week in CAP History” is all about the Washington Wing. In 1944, wing members set out to train 800 local high school students as a potential reservoir of future military flyers.
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