Civil Air Patrol Launches New Mission Statement
Those attending the virtual 2021 National Conference last week had the opportunity to participate in some wonderful programming and hear inspirational keynotes from Maj. Gen. Mark Smith about our proud past and Maj. Gen. (Select) Ed Phelka (at right) about envisioning the future.

Gen. Phelka’s keynote touched on what we do as an organization of volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives and relieving suffering, and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. In fact, his comments about CAP’s purpose of serving, saving, and shaping are precisely the words that appear in our new blended mission-vision statement:

Volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.
We encourage you to watch his keynote speech (note a delay before video starts, so skip ahead), read this article, and make the new statement your new CAP elevator speech. You’ll begin to see the new mission statement showing up in very visible places, like a new email signature block, websites, PowerPoint templates and more. 

We ask that you take some time to update any and all other mission statements to the organizational statement. Granted, many directorates, initiatives, units, and suborganizations have created unique mission statements. But we ask that you replace those with the corporate mission statement we are One CAP with a common mission of serving, saving, and shaping.

If you are using a different mission statement, consider making that your “Statement of Purpose” and allow CAP’s new corporate mission statement to be the guiding principle in everything we do as volunteers serving the nation's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.
Senior Member, Cadet Top National Awards List
The Kentucky Wing’s commander and a Texas Wing cadet have been recognized as CAP's Senior Member of the Year and Cadet of the Year in connection with the 2021 National Conference.

Col. Brian W. Schmuck joined CAP as a cadet in the Indiana Wing in 1995 and has been a senior member since 1999. Before becoming Kentucky Wing commander in March, he held a variety of duty assignments at the squadron, group, wing and region levels in Indiana.

Cadet Col. Jackson B. Baker, a member of the Texas Wing's David Lee Hill Composite Squadron, joined CAP in 2014 and quickly progressed through the cadet program, earning the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award  CAP's top cadet honor, earned by less than one-half of 1% of all cadets in April 2018.
Summer Blood Campaign Surpasses 500-Unit Goal
With the Labor Day deadline still two weeks away, Operation Pulse Lift's 100 Days of Giving summer campaign has surpassed its goal of 500 units of blood, but is still supporting the campaign with donations.
The CAP challenge was made in anticipation of a critical time of the year for the American Red Cross, which issued a national alert announcing a severe blood shortage for donors.
Thanks to the many CAP donors across the nation the campaign has grown to 539 units of blood. Capt. Dennis Hancy (pictured above) of the Ohio Wing's Cuyahoga County Cadet Squadron crossed the goal last week as the 500th unit donor.
Cadet Wings' Young Pilot Count Climbs to 120

Over the past week, five more CAP cadets have earned their FAA private pilot certificates through the Cadet Wings program, becoming the 116th-120th cadets to do so.

Cadets earning their wings recently include:
  • Cadet Senior Airman Giuliano Bussadori (#120) of the Washington Wing's Paine Field Composite Squadron, pictured (top) with his certificate.
  • Cadet Lt. Col. Tatyanna Sparks (#119) of the Washington Wing's Bellingham Composite Squadron, pictured (bottom right) with her examiner, Rick Luke, and flight instructor, Kevin Jessee.
  • Cadet 2nd Lt. Abigail Weaver (#118) of the Connecticut Wing's Silver City Cadet Squadron, pictured (bottom left) with her certificate.
  • Cadet Capt. Noble Rasmussen (#117) of the Nebraska Wing's Omaha Composite Squadron, pictured (middle left) with his certificate in front of the SEL aircraft he piloted on his check ride.
  • Cadet Lt. Col. Aaron Yagnik (#116) of the New Jersey Wing's Allentown Composite Squadron, pictured (middle right) with his certificate earned through Delaware State University's commercial in-residence flight program.
NHQ News
CAP Unveils Anniversary Video at Conference
CAP's official 80th Anniversary video made its debut at the National Conference, airing after Maj. Gen. Mark Smith's keynote address (note a delay before video starts, so skip ahead) the evening of Aug. 12.

Compiled by a national-level working group, the three-minute, 14-second video produced by Maj. Trevor Munson is one of a coordinated series of resources developed for CAP commanders and PAOs to use to celebrate the anniversary.
Latest 'NHJ' Celebrates CAP's 80-Year History
The July-December 80th Anniversary issue of the Civil Air Patrol National Historical Journal is now available online.
A publication of CAP's National History Program, the journal features scholarly articles about the organization's history-makers, the nation’s early experiences with powered flight and the pioneers who championed it over the years, civilian and military aviation, and CAP’s impact as a force multiplier for the U.S. Air Force.
The new issue includes articles surveying CAP’s eight decades of history, including the first International Air Cadet Exchange in 1948, Operation Hay Lift in 1949, a 1963 Maryland Wing crash site response and Three Mile Island in 1979.
Safety Program's August Newsletter Available Online
The latest edition of the Safety Beacon, online newsletter of CAP's Safety Program, is now available. The issue's feature focuses on having the right mindset for safety and how some mindsets are more compatible with effective safety practices than others.
In addition, be mindful of CAP's Safety Tip of the Week, making its PROPS debut today. Stay tuned for weekly safety tips in the future.
On Aug. 21, 2015, the Connecticut Wing conducted an emergency services exercise in order to be evaluated by the U.S. Air Force on mission readiness, training, staffing availabilities, and more. The wing passed with flying colors and earned its way into This Week in CAP History.

Check out the full story in the Hartford Courant.
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