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NJ Anesthesia "PACscuses"

Your Specialty is Counting on You

“I can’t afford to give.”

Actually, you can't afford NOT to give. Anesthesiologists must support NJAPAC because of its efforts on behalf of the NJ anesthesiologists. Any contribution helps retain NJSSA's strong presence in Trenton. Keep in mind that the groups working to dismantle current scope of practice requirements are supporting their PACS with a renewed vigor to bolster their coordinated effort to practice without physician supervision. Contributing to NJAPAC is like purchasing insurance to protect your specialty, so every practicing anesthesiologist in NJ must make it a priority.

“My contribution doesn’t make a difference.”

Anesthesiologists are data driven, but political campaigns can be difficult to measure. Many political victories are ambiguous. A contribution to NJAPAC helps NJSSA support lawmakers who understand the importance of physician-led care and who will be critical allies in protecting safe anesthesia care. A contribution to the NJAPAC showcases to lawmakers the unified voice represented by the PAC and bolsters our significance as a representative of anesthesiologists in NJ.

“I don’t like NJAPAC's candidates. Actually, I don’t like politics, period.”

Our society represents people from all political viewpoints. However, it is important to recognize that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle with a range of ideologies have been supportive of our issues. NJAPAC's role is to work with elected officials and candidates to advanced the specific interests of the anesthesia specialty regardless of political affiliation. It is important to be objective in understanding this just as you are objective when practicing medicine.

“I don’t believe money has a place in politics.”

NJAPAC allows our society to get involved in the political process by supporting candidates and elected officials who support our priorities. Every contribution made on behalf of the society is reported through the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission to ensure transparency.

“Giving to NJAPAC is a hassle and confusing.”

NJAPAC has reoccurring monthly payment options that give members an option to give - $5, $10, $20 - a month without any hassle on your end. There are other ways to contribute as well: at the annual meeting, by mail, and online.

“I’ve never given to NJAPAC before, so there’s no need to start now.”

We need you NOW more than EVER! Our society is fighting for physician-led anesthesia care to remain in place in NJ and your support is critical to elevating the voice of physicians in Trenton.

Contribute to the NJ Anesthesia PAC TODAY!

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