In the new Poverty & Race:  Justin Steil on the arbitrary suspension of the AFFH rule, Tom Silverstein on the abuse of state preemption to undermine local progressive policies, Maria Krysan on how segregation is perpetuated, Derek Black on the historical roots of a right to education in the 14th Amendment, and David Rammler on equitable disaster recovery. Read the issue here
"Fair Housing and Environmental Justice," a new article by Megan Haberle in the ABA Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law.
Save the Date:  2018 National Housing Mobility Conference, June 19 in Chicago!

Other Resources and Events
"Diverse Equitable Inclusive K-12 Public Schools:  A New Call for Philanthropic Support" provides an excellent overview of the school integration movement today; from the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy at Brandeis University.  Read the report here.
More housing mobility evidence contained in an unlikely place, a new HUD report on HUD's "housing counseling" programs: " Housing Counseling Works".

Still time to register: The Kerner Commission at 50.  


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